Uma Thurman Pulls a 'Renee Zellweger' With New Look, But Can You Blame Her? (PHOTO)

uma thurman january 2015It's hard to forget how Renee Zellweger came under fire big time back in October after stepping out looking decidedly unlike Renee Zellweger. Well, prepare for deja vu, because tongues are wagging today about how Uma Thurman looked at last night's premiere party for her new miniseries The Slap.


For reference, the above shot was taken in mid-January, as in only a few weeks ago. The below, taken last night ...

uma thurman february 2015

Granted, her hair is redder and bang-less, and her makeup is bolder here. Maybe she got a bit of a tan too. But her face definitely looks different, as well.

Oh well, another lovely actress in her 40s looks like she had a bit of work -- some Botox, maybe a bit of blepharoplasty (eye bag removal) -- done. Should we be surprised?

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The pressures women like Renee and Uma are up against are INSANE. They must feel like the minute they turn 40, they'll be forced to say "so long" to offers for so many kinds of roles, because Hollywood casting directors aren't nearly as taken with a woman who's over 40 as they are those who are under. (Or they have a very short list of go-to over-40 actresses that includes guaranteed Oscar bait like Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Cate Blanchett, and if they wanna go way old, Helen Mirren.)

Uma and Renee and plenty of other gorgeous actresses who were initially known as plucky ingenues are now in the trenches, aging in front of the spotlight. Whether they're handling that by going under the knife or not, they're damned if they do, or don't. Hence why there's no reaction better than sympathy and a lot of respect for these women doing their best to grin and bear the absurd beauty standards they're subject to, simply because they act for a living.

What do you think about Uma's "new look"?


Images via London Entertainment/Splash & Robin Marchant/Getty

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