20 Super-Cute Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs to Fall in Love With


Now that the 14th is approaching, they say that love is in the air ... why not have it at our fingertips, too? With sweet hues of pink and bold shades of reds -- oh, and let's not forget the sparkling glitter and cute lil hearts -- Valentine's Day is one of those holidays made just for nail art. Whether we're going to be celebrating the day with our true love, kids, BFF, or even ourselves (and a big box of chocolate, obviously), we deserve to have gorgeous V-day-inspired nails. 


Holiday nails are undeniably festive, and Valentine's Day nails truly just take the cake! They serve as a tribute to the cute and crafty Valentine's Day cards we used to trade with each other in grade school. Plus, I hear that fun and festive Valentine's Day nails are a great way to snag our crush's attention ... 

But on the real, despite whatever we have planned for Valentine's Day, treating ourselves to an adorable manicure is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that we're also our own Valentine and we deserve some TLC and pretty nails to boot.

While there are zillions of ideas floating around the Internet, so we've rounded up 20 of the coolest, cutest, and just a little unusual Valentine-inspired nail art designs. And don't worry -- some are a little more complicated than others, but anyone really can do any of these themselves! 

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