Kerry Washington Photoshopped Beyond Recognition on 'InStyle' Cover (PHOTO)

kerry washingtonYou can flaunt the perfect application of airbrush makeup, drink gallons of green juice while doing yoga, or be Beyonce herself, but no one looks like they do after being Photoshopped into oblivion for a magazine cover. We are all well-aware of this fact. And yet, way too many magazines still think that's what they need to do to grab our attention. Case in point: InStyle magazine's March issue, featuring Olivia Pope the fabulous Kerry Washington on its cover ... err, sort of. You just have to see it to believe it.


Kerry Instagrammed a sneak peek.

kerry washington instyle

Her caption:

I'm THRILLED to share with you all that I'm on the cover of this year's March @instylemagazine! Can't wait for you guys to see it and read it! So honored. And crazy excited.

Hey, at least she likes it? Okay, that's cool. But the general reaction has been one of shock, dismay, and frustration. Rightfully so!

You can barely recognize her! She's either lit in an artistic way, or her skin tone was tweaked. Her nose doesn't look like her nose. And I can't put my finger on it, but something funky is going on with her eyes, right?

Basically, she looks vaguely like Zoe Saldana ... Or someone else. But not Kerry Washington. At the very best, an alien impersonator of Kerry Washington. Creepy.

It's not artistic; it's dishonest. And unfortunately, it's also way too prevalent. (We need only look at Britney Spears a couple months back, or you know, any of these Photoshop fails.) At this point, we almost can't believe our eyes when we see celebrities actually looking like themselves on magazine covers. Why?

There are a gazillion problems with media falsely representing a woman to adhere to some absurd standard of beauty. But what I don't get is this: We love Kerry Washington exactly the way she really is. We fawn over her as Olivia Pope on Scandal and in movies like Django and Ray; we love watching her rule the red carpet. So, we KNOW what the woman looks like.

Unfortunately, mags' attempt to "perfect" Kerry -- and countless other celebs -- only ends up tinkering with their true beauty. This bizarro, overtouched not-Kerry isn't nearly as gorgeous as the real deal.

Do editors really think they're pulling a fast one on us with this nonsense? Who do they think they're kidding? And most importantly, why do they keep trying to "fix" something that is already perfect just the way it is? We're not buying it.

What do you think about this latest Photoshop disaster?

Image via Angela Weiss/Getty & Kerry Washington/Instagram

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