Petition Against Victoria's Secret Could Change Their Lingerie Forever

victoria's secret models with lingerie on mannequinsNo matter what size you are, your clothing size probably made you feel a wee bit stabby at one time or another. Somehow, one measly little number on a tag can hold a ridiculous amount of power over how we feel about ourselves. Even numbers that aren't on tags can, too. Like the numbers that aren't on Victoria's Secret lingerie ... numbers that would qualify a woman as "plus-size."


The popular chain, which was behind the recent, annoyingly named "Perfect 'Body'" bra campaign (later changed to "A Body for Every Body"), has carried panty sizes up to an XL in certain styles (albeit not the particularly sexy ones) and bras up to a DD. But that's still shutting out a LOT of women who would love to purchase their lingerie.

Hence why petitioners like Dana Drew are asking Victoria’s Secret to carry plus-sizes. On her petition site, Drew explains:

My money and my credit are good enough for them, but the fact that I can only buy items like perfume, lotion, and body spray sends the message that my body is not.

We could talk for HOURS about how much is wrong with that message. But one of the most irritating aspects is how basically, women like Drew are stuck buying cosmetics and fragrances at stores where they'd really like to be buying bras and panties. They're essentially barred from buying what they'd like to buy, because the brand simply won't acknowledge them as potential consumers.

They're being cheated out of the pleasure and convenience of shopping at the popular retailer -- merely because they're over a size XL or DD bra size.

By the way, there are definitely women who probably need sizes bigger than that and don't typically buy other plus-size clothing! So we're talking about a LOT of women who are being discriminated against. And who VS is missing out on as customers.

It simply doesn't make sense. Fingers crossed VS will hear their potential customers' pleas. Because not only should you have to be a certain size to look and feel sexy, but because it's about damn time that women who happen to be "plus-size" -- you know, however that's defined -- were invited to the sexy panty party, too!

Why or why not would you sign this petition?


Image via Kobby Dagan/shutterstock

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