​Katy Perry's 'Glitter Liner' & Other Super Bowl Style Secrets Revealed (PHOTOS)

katy perry flame dress dark horse super bowl Of course New England Patriots' fans can't stop talking about their big Super Bowl win today. But whether you're a tried-and-true fan or a hater, you probably can't stop talking about Katy Perry's Halftime performance. The OMG grand entrance! The stage! The sharks! The stars! Not to mention the styles, designed by one of Katy's BFFs, Moschino's Jeremy Scott.

Whether you were wondering about the thought process that went into that cartoon-y flame dress, why oh why she decided to sport that super-unflattering sweatshirt in her collab with Missy Elliott, or just how that glitter eyeliner works, look no further!

We rounded up the hottest secrets behind Katy's Super Bowl looks. Check them out below, then tell us: Which style/beauty moment of the performance was your fave?

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  • The Flame Dress


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    The flame dress, which was supposed to be as cartoony as it looked, was the first idea that Scott came up with for the pop star, he told Elle in an exclusive interview.

    "It's inspired by a pair of Adidas shoes with leather flames coming out of them," he shared. "At first, it was going to be wings—after those Adidas sneakers with the wings on the back—but she kept nudging me into the fire. And it worked!"

  • The 'California Girls' Bikini Dress


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    A beach ball-inspired bustier? Why not! This bright, playful look was absolutely perfect for the total acid trippy performances of "Teenage Dream" and "California Girls."

    But it was actually more complicated than it looked. Scott explained to Elle that they had to "think about these looks like Russian Nesting Dolls." In other words, the bra and panty of this look were built to fit under her flame dress, and then she needed to be able to pull on the skirt in just 10 seconds. Impressive!

  • The Ponytail


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    Katy's hair made just as much of a statement as her outfits. That sky-high ponytail was a work of art by celeb hairstylist Clyde Haygood, meant to be the "perkiest pony you've ever seen," per Katy's request. To achieve the look, Haygood used extensions. He curled Katy's hair, slicked it back with gel for shine, then set the updo with KMS California Freeshape 2-in-1 styling and finishing spray, according to Us.

  • The Oversized 'Sweatshirt Dress'


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    If it looked like Katy just threw on an old black sweatshirt over her playfully bright "California Girls" bikini dress before hitting the stage with Missy Elliott, don't be fooled! Scott told Elle, "Ironically, this look was the hardest to make. It's also the last one we imagined, because once we found out Missy Elliott was going to be performing with her, I was like, 'Katy, you cannot be singing 'Get Your Freak On' in a giant beach ball bikini! We need to step it up.'" HA!

    The idea was that they reference Missy's track suits and the 49th Super Bowl with the number. Unfortunately, the sizing was an issue from the start -- it wouldn't fall back down as she was dancing, but it looks like they overshot in the other direction, because it just came off looking sloppy.

  • The Makeup ... & That Eyeliner!


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    Katy's bold makeup always looks flawless. (Surely, it doesn't hurt that she reps CoverGirl!) She sported her signature cat eye and red lip -- a look that her makeup artist Jake Bailey thought would complement all four of her costumes.

    But one of the prettiest details we noticed was the glitter eyeliner she was sporting. Bailey explains to HollywoodLife, "I used COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Black Onyx and painted a glitter adhesive just above the black liner and carefully placed a mix of gold and silver glitter on the adhesive with a tiny eyeliner brush for precision."

  • The Moschino Star Gown


    Image via Kevin C. Cox/Getty

    The finale "Firework" gown was originally made with a red carpet appearance -- not a quick-change at the Super Bowl -- in mind! So Scott changed the zipper and, as with the other looks, Katy rehearsed the costume change.

    "I made the dress in holographic silver mylar, and the stars stay afloat with clear wire that jets from the shoulders," Scott also divulged. "And the sequins on this gown—some of them are the size of your whole hand. It's her finale moment—it has to be show-stopping."

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