'Protesting' Beauty Pageant Contestant Rips Crown Off Her Rival's Head (VIDEO)

Millions of people watched as Gisele Bundchen elegantly cheered her husband Tom Brady on at this weekend's Super Bowl. But in the supermodel's homeland, a few fellow beauties made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A Miss Amazon contestant snatched the crown right off of another rival's head in a shocking incident that was—of course—caught on video.


Sheislane Hayalla was the runner-up in the contest, which took place in Manaus Friday night and determines who will get to go on and compete in the Miss Brazil competition. But the 23-year-old wasn't about to take her loss with grace.

While her 20-year-old rival Carolina Toledo was being crowned Miss Amazon, Hayalla stormed up behind the law student, snatched the crown from her head, threw it, insulted her, and then walked off the stage.

Hayalla is defending what she did, calling it a "protest" on her Facebook page and saying she has absolutely no regrets. The beauty queen said Toledo's win was an "injustice" because she bought her crown while she claims she has worked hard in life to achieve her goals.

The odd thing is that Hayalla hugged her opponent at first, then must have thought about it for a second and realized this was an opportunity for her to either sincerely express her thoughts on what she believed happened—or to maybe snag a bit more press for herself.

If that last guess was her true intention, it certainly worked. Not sure whether people will flock to work with a woman who behaved so erratically, but we've seen worse. I'm guessing her notoriety (and obvious beauty) will help her score a few modeling jobs now, even though she won't be Miss Brazil.

Check it out:

What are your thoughts on this beauty contestant's "protest"?


Image via Robynlou Kavanagh/Flickr

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