​Padma Lakshmi's Bikini Photo Causes a Stir Because of What's Between Her Legs

There are few people who will deny that Padma Lakshmi is a gorgeous woman. The Top Chef host obviously loves food enough to judge others' cooking yet, at 44, is in better shape than most 20-year-old women. Here's another reason to love her: she has an awesome sense of humor about herself and didn't think twice about posting what should have been another hot bikini shot—but turned out to be one that makes her look like she has a penis.


Padma poked fun at both herself and a male friend when she posted this throwback photo on Instagram with the caption, "My friend claims it looks like I have a penis in this pic. One guess as to whether he's gay or not...#onhismind #tbt":

The only thing I noticed for, like, the first five minutes were Padma's insanely flat abs. And then her perfect legs. But, yes, somewhere in the middle of all of that femininity lurks a rather large, um, bulge. I'm guessing the angle of the photo is responsible for this "penis."

With that said, I'd be willing to do whatever it takes to look this amazing, penis or no penis. And I'm delighted to report that Padma has explained how she maintains her body, and that she's one of the few celebs who hasn't annoyingly attributed her physique to a steady diet of pizza and couch potato-ing.

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In an interview with Fitness magazine, Padma revealed her diet and exercise regime and it is hardcore:

I follow a clean diet: no meats, no sweets, no alcohol, no cheese, no fried food, no wheat. And I work out five days a week, boxing three days, lifting weights the other two. I drink a homemade cleanse of two ounces of pure cranberry juice, six ounces of either green tea or plain water, one Emergen-C Vitamin C packet, and a teaspoon of fiber powder three times a day. I also drink two to three liters of water a day.

Instead of being discouraged by her extreme dedication, I think it's nice to hear that it actually does take a lot of effort for the celeb mom to look this good. And now that we are privy to her secret, we just have to go about changing every single thing in our diets and fitness routines in order to look like this (minus the 'penis,' please).

Would you go to such extremes to get a dream body like Padma's?


Image via padmalakshmi/Instagram

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