Is Katy Perry's Super Bowl Outfit Some Kind of a Joke?

katy perry super bowl halftime show press conferenceWhen you see the headline, you can't help feeling a little pissed off: "Katy Inflates Expectations," it blares, just below a photo of Katy Perry sporting a cute cheerleader-style ensemble ... with footballs decorating her chest. UGHH!!! Come on guys, really?


katy perry super bowl halftime show press conference

It's a joke about Deflate-Gate, the controversy over whether or not the New England Patriots deflated their footballs intentionally to give them the advantage in the last playoff. But also, it's a joke about boobs. I mean, it's pretty obvious.

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Just look at Perry's outfit. Sure there are footballs printed right over where her breasts are, more or less. I'd say less, given the angle. For her this is pretty tame. There is absolutely no, ZERO, cleavage anywhere in sight. And the top is even a little loose. Despite the footballs, it's almost like she was trying to de-emphasize her boobs.

Which makes the innuendo of that headline all the more infuriating. Is it really so hard to take her seriously? Would they ever make a similar joke about a male performer?

I'm kidding. It's Katy Perry, everyone! She's a brilliant performer who is ALWAYS ahead of the joke, football boobs, Deflate-Gate jokes, and all. 

At her pre-Super Bowl press conference, Perry quipped, "I don't think I'm so much of an expert on the game of football, but I can assure everyone in here, nothing in my performance will be deflated." 

Hah, nice one, Perry.

And about that outfit? I'm sure it's carefully calculated by her. She's making the jokes, here, everyone. "They call me 'Boss Lady' on the field and off the field," she told the press when they asked her how much artistic control she has over her act and her costumes. "Down to the last diamond on my shoes." She will tell you when she's ready for you to objectify her body -- and don't worry, that time will come. Here's what she says about her opening costume.

"It's going to be flaming hot. Not the cheeto."

This being Katy Perry, that could mean she'll wear something revealing, or that her costume will literally be on fire. Most likely both. Either way, it'll be her vision. And I can't wait!

What do you think of Katy Perry's football outfit? How do you feel about that headline?


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