Watch Miss USA Contestant's Perfect Reaction to Accidentally Ripping Her Bikini Off on Stage

chanelle rigganEleven years ago, Janet Jackson's notorious Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction provoked never-ending controversy. But fast-forward to 2015, and exposing a breast or two on national TV is practically par for the course! Well, okay, maybe not quite, but it sure seems to be more common. Case in point: A contender in the Miss USA competition somehow managed to bust out of her bikini top altogether recently.


In an exclusive TMZ video of the Miss California USA Pageant, 21-year-old Miss Beverly Hills USA Chanelle Riggan took to the stage, accidentally losing her bikini top and exposing both of her breasts.

Check it out.

Eep! Embarrassing!

But there are a gazillion ways a contestant could have reacted to that happening, and the way Chanelle handled it was like a pro. She exuded serious confidence walking that runway with one hand behind her back, holding up those rogue bikini strings! I say give the woman the title if only because she held it together so well (literally ... and figuratively!).

As it turned out, she was the fourth runner-up but had a totally amazing positive attitude about the whole ordeal, writing on Instagram:

So tonight I accidentally ripped my bikini top off and flashed an entire online broadcast and audience at the Miss California USA pageant. ... I still cannot believe I made it to the top five. I am feeling so incredibly blessed tonight and goes to show that hard work and determination really pay off. Thank you so much for the love and support from everyone it truly means the world to me. Miss California USA 2016 I’ll be coming for you.

As for those viewers watching the broadcast at home or in the audience, especially if they had kids with them, ah well, sure the incident made for a couple awkward conversations! But until pageants like this one do away with the bikini competition, guess we just have to accept that wardrobe malfunctions are a potential hazard!

How do you think this beauty queen handled the awkward moment?


Image via Chanelle Riggan/Instagram

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