10 Lingerie Looks That Are As Comfortable As They Are Sexy (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Jan 20, 2015 Beauty & Style

lingerie in a box Every February, there are several time-honored Valentine's Day traditions you probably can't help but flirt with -- from enjoying that indulgent box of chocolates to going the eye candy route by slipping into risque lingerie. But let's be honest: Even if you've successfully managed to schedule in one-on-one time with your man, who has time to procure and slip into the intricately laced, high-drama kind of lingerie? 

Naughty knickers like that just feel like a lot of ... work.

Thankfully, you can up your sensuality quotient without all that hassle. We've rounded up 10 beautiful, comfortable lingerie looks that will have you feeling as good as they look. 

lingerie anyone can wear

Check them out below, then tell us: Which of these looks could you see yourself and your guy loving?

Images via AfricaStudio/shutterstock & Cray of CatPRO/shutterstock

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