Plastic Surgery After Kids: Moms Share Whether the Pain & Cost Was Worth It

There is no doubt that having kids is a magical and life-changing experience, but for many women, getting used to their body after kids is tough to do.

Enter the "Mommy Makeover." According to plastic surgeons, this combination of procedures (usually a tummy tuck, breast lift/augmentation/reduction, and liposuction all done at one time) is growing in popularity every year and it isn't just celebrities going under the knife.

Click on to find out why real moms, just like you, feel about their "mommy makeover". From those who've already done it to those who are still considering, get the inside scoop on cost, pain and recovery time.

What body part would you most like surgery on?

  • The Full Makeover


    "I had a complete mommy makeover in April 2013. Best decision I ever made. Mine was not covered by insurance so it was completely out-of-pocket. I had a breast lift, because it was like I was carrying around two empty tube socks.

    "I also had a tummy tuck, and the doctor found that my abdominal separation was bigger than he thought, plus he found that there was a hernia there as well. And lastly I had a lot of liposuction." -- Patti, 37, mom of two

    According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for this combination of procedures would be well over $15,000 in doctor fees alone.

  • Breast Reduction


    In 2013, over 40,000 women opted to turn their mountains into molehills via breast reduction. This procedure will leave permanent scars and can limit your ability to do exercise or lift things (including kids!) for up to four weeks, but for many women the sacrifice is worth it.

    "I had a reduction almost exactly a year ago. Best. Decision. Ever. I was in a cute swim suit (no more grandma big-boobs swim suits) in Florida six weeks later. The weight restrictions weren't that bad, but my youngest was five at the time so that made it easier." -- Helen, 29, mom of two

  • Weight Loss First, Then Surgery


    Plastic surgery can be a scary prospect for some women, including Shannon, age 32, mom of three:

    "I'd never had a surgery before and so I was always really against plastic surgery. I kind of thought it was, like, cheating. But then I busted my butt exercising, even doing a marathon, and still couldn't lose my tummy pouch. So I got a tummy tuck and even though it was expensive (like $7,000, I think), I'm so glad I did it!"

  • Tummy Tuck Regret


    Over 100,000 people get tummy tucks every year and the number keeps rising.

    One person who may add to that number is Ashley, 28, mother of one and pregnant with number two:

    "I got a tummy tuck after my daughter was born and I had a lot of loose skin from gaining nearly 75 pounds. The recovery was tough but I was so pleased with the result. And then I got -- surprise! -- pregnant again and now I wish I had waited until we were FOR SURE done having kids because I think I'll have to get the work touched up again."

  • Why I Got a Breast Augmentation


    "After three kids and nursing babies, I went and treated myself to a  breast augmentation. Some women are blessed with awesome big boobs after nursing but mine sagged and stretched and then disappeared. I agree it has been the best decision that I have ever made for myself.

    "I was so sick of not feeling good about my body from the hell it endured with three pregnancies and all the nursing. I finally feel like I have my body back!" -- Nina T, 33, mom of three

  • Considering Liposuction


    Liposuction is the third most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States and is considered a good choice for women who are plagued with excessive fat that exercise doesn't seem to reduce, like the dreaded muffin top:

    "I NEVER EVER thought I would, but since I can't seem to lose more than 4-5 pounds since my last baby, I would definitely consider it. I honestly don't mind being a bigger size, I just want to be comfortable in my clothes instead of muffin top and football shoulders that don't fit well in women's clothes." -- Annie, 41, mom of three

  • Planning on a Boob Job


    "That is part of the deal my husband and I have. I have babies, I get a boob job. He was more than happy to agree. I don't want to add or take away but I would be happy if they were where they used to be.

    "I know no amount of weight loss or exercise can make them perky again!" -- Hope, 25, mom of two

    Hope is in good company, as breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States and one that has a comparatively short recovery time compared to other procedures. Most women can go back to work within a week or so, as long as they wear supportive bras and aren't employed as, say, professional wrestlers.

  • Skin Removal Surgery


    "I was overweight when I got pregnant and then gained 40 pounds. After I had the baby I got serious about my health and lost over 100 pounds and was left with saggy skin, especially in my abdomen. I'm terrified of surgery but I finally went under the knife to have it removed two years ago. It was a long recovery but it did wonders for my self-esteem. I have scars now and I'll still never wear a bikini but at least I look good in my clothes and you can see all the hard work I did.

    "The procedure cost over $17,000 and the recovery time took longer than I expected but it was worth it once all the swelling went down and the bruises healed." -- Octavia, 42, mom of one

  • Boob Job After Nursing


    While it may be possible to breastfeed after breast augmentation, many women, like Hannah, will chose to wait until their nursing days are over:

    "I have five wonderful kids and I basically nursed for nine years straight. I'm in the process of weaning the last one and then I am giving myself six months to see what my breasts look like (I kind of don't remember what non-nursing boobs look like) and then I will likely get a lift and augmentation. I want to feel sexy when it is time for my boobs to go back to being for recreational use only!" -- Hannah, 38, mother of five

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