10 Celebs in Jumpsuits: The Good & the Horrifying (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Jan 15, 2015 Beauty & Style


Gwyneth Paltrow caused absolute hysteria when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon dressed in a nude ruffled jumpsuit that made her look like a circus acrobat. Gwyneth's interview was actually quite entertaining, as was her musical duet with Jimmy, but the only thing on anyone's mind was that monstrous fashion mishap. Jumpsuits are all the rage with many celebs these days and it's quite shocking that Gwyneth, who is usually dressed to perfection, couldn't do one justice. Perhaps some of us are wondering: are jumpsuits the trickiest trend of all to pull off? Here are 10 celebrities who both killed it in jumpsuits and singlehandedly nearly killed the trend.


Image via Theo Wargo/NBC/Stringer/Getty Images

  • Bad: Gwyneth Paltrow


    Gwyneth Paltrow's jumpsuit wasn't flattering because you couldn't tell where her skin and hair began and where the jumpsuit ended. I mean, put on bright lipstick -- something! The outfit also lacked shape and made her look square, and we all know Gwyneth works hard to maintain a figure that is the opposite of shapeless.

  • Good: Ellen Pompeo


    Ellen Pompeo wore this stunning nude jumpsuit to the 2015 People's Choice Awards and stood out among a sea of evening gowns. Now, before you accuse me of hating on Gwyneth just because she's Gwyneth, there are several reasons why Ellen's nude look works: the hue doesn't match her skintone, but complements it, the shape is flattering to her figure, and her slightly plunging neckline breaks things up and doesn't make her look like she's a Star Trek cast member.

  • Bad: Kendra Wilkinson


    Kendra Wilkinson's look would be cute at a beach picnic. But it's too busy and shapeless to work as a formal piece worn while walking the red carpet.

  • Good: Maria Menounos


    Maria Menounos' jumpsuit is the exact opposite of Kendra's: tailored, simple, and elegant in black. She shows other celebs how to turn a typically casual, trendy look into one that is incredibly elegant and timeless.

  • Bad: Charli XCX


    There's sexy and then there's Cat Woman. Charli XCX's leather onesie shouts, "look at me!" but leaves absolutely no room for the imagination. 

  • Good: Nina Dobrev


    Nina Dobrev managed to look sexy and refined in her black and nude jumpsuit because it showed off just another skin, without compromising a flattering, tailored fit.

  • Bad: Heather Graham


    It's hard to make Heather Graham look bad -- and I'm not saying this silver jumpsuit is the worst look we've seen -- but if her goal was to sparkle and stand out on the red carpet, she could done better. This reminds us a bit of worn-out, rusted metal.

  • Good: Emma Stone


    Nailed it! Emma Stone looks young and fresh and her strapless bodice features just the right amount of sparkle and shine for a big event.

  • Bad: Kate Hudson


    Someone, quickly pass Kate Hudson a pina colada. We think Kate was trying to go for a casual, breezy look with her ruffled jumpsuit -- and hey, she did wear it to the Miami opening of Chrome Hearts, so we'll give her that -- but, instead of appearing young and fun (and she is), she ages herself by a quite a few years in this get-up.

  • Good: Sarah Hyland


    Loving everything about Sarah Hyland's fun look -- from the punchy hue to the wide-legged pants, which contrast with her sexy, jeweled keyhole neckline. Doesn't hurt that her purse, hair, and makeup perfectly complement her glam, but fun, look.

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