12 Beauty-Writer Approved Tinted Lip Balms in Gorgeous Colors

Winter weather wreaks havoc with everything about me -- from my hair to my mood! -- but nothing more so than my poor lips. Between the freezing cold air outside and the dry heat indoors, this time of year can really leave a girl with dry, chapped smackers, amirite? Of course, that doesn't mean we have to stick with colorless lip treatments ... where's the fun in that?

Regular lipsticks aren't necessarily drying, though they certainly can be -- especially the matte ones. But the real problem is that lipsticks, and even lip glosses, are usually not meant to treat or protect your lips. Plus, if you're experiencing any driness or flakiness (sexy!), it can be hard to apply lipstick and have it look good. That's where awesome tinted lip balms come in.

Whether you just want a wash of color or a bold lip; whether you just need extra hydration or some serious treatment, here are 12 tinted and colored lip balms that will serve double duty, coating your lips in color and keeping them smooth, protected, and pretty. Do your lips get super dry in the winter?


Image © iStock.com/gruizza