21 Women Confess How Much They've Spent on Beauty Products

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Let's face it: Dropping big bucks at the fancy supermarket or even on a luxurious vacation can be justified in ways that laying out a lot of cash for beauty products never seems to be. No matter how much it makes your skin glow or how stunning you feel when you put on that lipstick, it seems inevitable that you'll also feel at least a wee bit guilty about spending on makeup or skincare. But maybe it'll help to know you're definitely not alone!


We asked women to confess how much they've spent on their beauty stash -- either on one splurge product or in total. Your jaw will drop when you see what many of them are willing to fork over for gorgeous results!

1. "I once spent $50 on a lip gloss. That was when I was 20, and I'm now 30 and still have it. I used half of it, and I feel too guilty to throw it out. I spent $90 on a face lotion corrector/evener, and I used every last drop. Never felt guilty about it! I spend more on hair now in my 30s. Less time experimenting on my face and more on my hair. I also care more about skin care now because I feel like taking care of my skin helps me wear less makeup." -- Colleen C., Chicago, IL 

2. "I probably spend about $100 a month between skincare and high-end makeup. The most I spend on any one product is my moisturizer -- it's $129 a jar. It's definitely worth it!" -- Yette W., Este Park, CO

3. "I spend about $300 a year, including hair products (shampoo, conditioner, and mousse)." -- Melanie R., Mojave, CA

4. "I spend about $500 a year on department store cosmetics." -- Jennifer C., Lawton, OK

5. "Acne and wrinkle serum that costs $86. I use it every night, and I think it helps prevent both." -- Heather L., Allendale, NJ

what real women spend on beauty products

6. "The most I've ever spent on a product was $125 for 1 oz. of face oil! Crazy! It's amazing, though (and lasts!), and I bought it twice thereafter. Not a staple in my medicine cabinet, though." -- Nicole W., Brooklyn, NY

7. "I am into skincare more than makeup. So, my big splurge was a sonic cleansing system. Worth every penny. I also buy high-end foundation spray a few times a year. It's like $60 a can." -- Morgan B., Silver Spring, MD

8. "The most I've spent at one time was about $600 on a new skincare product line -- used it for about one year and stopped seeing results, so I switched." -- Diane G., Wyckoff, NJ

9. "I buy hairspray that's $17 a can, because I like the way it holds and its softness. And I prefer high-end shadows, blushes, and eyeliners. The last shadow set I bought was $60." -- Anonymous

10. "Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I've managed to hit the uber-preferred customer level at my favorite cosmetics store because I spend $1,000 a year there alone. (What can I say? It's my happy place!) A face mask is my most spendy single item at $60 or $70 for a tiny jar." -- Emily P., Jupiter, FL

11. "I spend a lot on high-end makeup. My foundation is about $40 a bottle, and I just spent another $45 to switch from black to brown eyeliner and mascara. It is definitely worth it. My makeup lasts all day." -- Jennifer W., Wardensville, WV

12. "I bought a top-of-the-line hot iron. It was $120 and couldn't even begin to compare to the $50 one I had before!" -- Sheryl F., Radburn, NJ

13. "I bought a bottle of designer foundation for $60. I thought it was worth it -- high-quality and lasted almost a year! Plus, it's in a glass bottle, so it feels glamorous!" -- Emaline B., Portland, OR

14. "I spent $175 on a high-end sunscreen/face cream. At the time, I thought it was worth it, but in reality, I know it's not. I use other sunscreens now that are just as good and only $30. I never bought it again, but it did last all year. So I justified my purchase." -- Rachel S., Miami, FL

15. "My smoothing, shine-boosting hair serum costs about $40, and I love it. Also, my blow dryer was $230 and definitely worth it. I feel like it dries my hair faster than any other dryer I've used." -- Stacey G., North Caldwell, NJ

16. "I buy salon shampoo and conditioner. I pay about $20 per bottle, [but] I use it sparingly. Any other shampoo and conditioner makes my hair dry and frizzy." -- Katarina B., Milwaukee, WI

17. "I bought a high-end eyeshadow palette for $50, and it was worth it because I use it almost every day." -- Danielle H., Fair Lawn, NJ

18. "I love my home fractional laser for fine lines. It was $500 but works really well if you use it regularly!" -- Jennifer L., Baltimore, MD

19. "There's one high-end department store cosmetics brand I have been using for years, in part because I love the way they smell. I have a big thing with odors; cosmetics have to smell good! The downside is that I can never leave the counter without spending at least $100, sometimes $200. The products last for three to four months, so in the long-run, it's not so terrible." -- Linda L., Davie, FL

20. "I bought a month supply of wrinkle strips -- tape that you put on your face overnight. $165 for one month. At first, I thought it was worth it. It is good when you first wake up, but as the day goes on, it falls back. My skin firming cream is $90 for one bottle. That does make a difference and is worth every penny!" -- Jackie K., Franklin Lakes, NJ

21. "Many years ago, I spent around $400 on three products after a facial that the esthetician told me I 'needed.' Even though it was at least 10 years ago, I remember the items -- a facial scrub, a moisturizer, and an anti-aging peel -- clearly, because I was so horrified that I had been suckered into buying expensive products after an already expensive facial. With that being said, I did go on to buy the peel at least one or two more times because I did really love it. The other stuff I could take or leave." -- Kelly K., Los Angeles, CA

What's the most you've ever spent on beauty products? Worth it -- or not so much?


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