​Kylie & Kendall Jenner's Battle of the Abs Selfies Yields One Clear Winner (PHOTOS)

kendall kylie jennerIf you thought showing off your pearly whites or even doing your best duckface for the camera was enough to score you an ego-pleasing number of likes on your next selfie, think again. Taking a successful selfie in 2015 will require showing off your sexy washboard abs. At least, that's what we can't help but conclude from Kendall and Kylie Jenner's latest dueling Instagram posts.


First, on New Year's Eve, Kendall uploaded a shot from Dubai, rocking an itty-bitty chocolate bikini that shows off her enviable stomach. Love the matching mani, too, but her face is obscured by shadows, so the focus is clearly on her tight tummy. Check it out.

kendall jenner dubai selfie

Then, not to be outdone by her big sis, Kylie posted a similar shot on New Year's Day, rocking super-sultry makeup, electric pale blue nails, and a pretty gray crop top that showed off her abs.

kylie jenner crop top abs selfie

Hot. If we had to choose our fave between the two, it would have to be Kylie's. Not because the 17-year-old's more in shape than her sis -- I mean, they're both freakin' supermodels and, let's not forget, teenagers! -- but because you can see her pretty face!

Not that #flawless abs in general aren't something to behold, but the very least, the shots should be taken in such a way that they put a face to the abs! Who wants to look at a bunch of pupiks (that's Jewish grandma for "belly button," FYI) all day long?!

That said, although ab selfies may be a growing trend among the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, perhaps even bumping butt selfies out as the leading pose (gasp!), not sure we're going to be seeing this selfie trend spreading like wildfire anytime soon! Because no matter what your 2015 resolution is, it's too damn much trouble for most people to get social media-worthy abs!

Which shot do you prefer? Would you ever take an abs selfie?!


Images via Splash, Kendall Jenner/Instagram & Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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