8 Beauty Flaws Moms Worry About Most

8 Beauty Flaws Moms Worry About Most

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It doesn't matter how conventionally beautiful you are or even how confident you are: If you're a woman who looks in the mirror every day, there's probably at least one beauty issue you fret over. We asked a community of moms what their biggest beauty worries are and WOW -- everyone seems to have at least one little (or big) issue.

How many of these beauty issues do you worry about, too? Or are you over them all?


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  • Facial Hair


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    They never warn you about all the odd ways pregnancy can change your looks -- beyond stretch marks. "My biggest insecurity is my 'mustache,'" says one mom. "When I was pregnant, the skin on my thighs, armpits, and upper lip darkened."

    Another mom puts it this way: "Horrid whisker-like hairs on my chin. I pluck them every day. I feel like a hirsute beast, very unfeminine."

  • Tired Eyes


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    If eyes are the windows to the soul, some of us would like new drapes. "I have very dark under-eye circles," a mom confesses. "I could be makeup-free and comfortable with my looks if my eyes didn't look like I had raccoon circles."

    A related problem: Bags. "No matter what I do, I cannot get rid of them," says another mom. We've found drinking lots and lots of water helps with the bags, at least. That and getting more sleep!

  • Age Spots


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    Some call them sun spots, and they result from a combination of hormone changes, sun exposure, and age. One mom says she rarely looks in the mirror because "the freckles and sun spots on my face make me sad."

    And a mom in her 30s says in addition to seeing sun spots and moles, she's already had 10 skin tags removed (skin tags are tiny, raised skin growths). Laser treatments work on age spots, but they're expensive. Products with retinoids, kojic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroquinone are effective, though some of those also irritate skin.

  • Wrinkles


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    A 22-year-old mom says she already has wrinkles: "I hate the lines around my mouth, even when I'm not smiling."

    A mom of one says, "I went to my mom's dermatologist and he laughed in my face and told me my mom has better skin than I do, then grimaced when I smiled because of my very pronounced crows' feet." (We think this dermatologist could stand to improve his bedside manner!)

    Another mom says, "I have always had really nice skin and now, as I approach 30 this April, I am seeing [smile lines] more than I ever have." She says she's using a humidifier. And another woman says she uses facial peels with 40 percent lactic acid to keep her skin looking fresh.

  • Hair Loss


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    It's not just for men! Haha! Ugh, it's true. A mom in her 20s confesses that she's "terrified" of losing her hair. "My mother has alopecia, and my hair has started to thin somewhat. I worry about going bald." She says she doesn't trust women's hair re-growth products. (According to dermatologist Mary Gail Mercurial, "Minoxidil 2 percent is the only topical medication approved by the FDA for female-pattern hair loss.")

    A mom to a 24-year-old says, "I'm genetically prone to hair loss and I'm going through menopause right now." She stopped dyeing it and using heat treatments like curling irons. 

  • Adult Acne


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    We all thought this was supposed to end after puberty. But surprise! Acne can plague you well into adulthood. "I'm damn near 26, I should NOT still be dealing with this," says one mom. 

    "I am 34 and still struggle with it," adds another.

    And then there's this 45-year-old woman, who says, "The ironic thing is that my skin was clear when I was a teen! Now I am getting wrinkles and I still have acne, all the damn time." Curse you, stress and hormones! There's hope, but you may need to see a dermatologist. Or try what one woman did -- she stopped eating foods with preservatives and other chemicals and said her skin cleared up.

  • Belly Fat


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    Oh that stubborn bit of jiggle on your tummy! "When I gain a little weight, it's always at the front of my stomach," says one woman. "From behind, I have an hourglass figure. When turning sideways, I look like I'm three months pregnant."

    Another mom says, "I hide it with clothing but ... I could pass for four [months pregnant] after I eat."

    Unfortunately you have to lose weight everywhere before you'll see that waistline fat disappear (and even then, you may be stuck with it). That or you could just learn to love your little Buddha belly.

  • Stretch Marks


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    As we unfortunately know, post-baby stretch marks are hereditary. "They REALLY bug me," says one mom. "I've had four babies in eight years, and I didn't really take the best care of myself. I gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time, and before I knew it, they were all over my stomach and in some other places too."

    A mom of three complains of a similar problem -- a stretched out belly from having twins. "I've been to numerous doctors and surgeons and they have all said the same thing: No amount of diet or exercise is going to fix the problem. The only way to fix it is a tummy tuck and I can't afford one so I'm stuck with it." 

  • Look Closer & See Something Else


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    Another mom once caught me criticizing myself and said, "Don't talk about my friend that way!" It completely turned around how I saw myself. Think about how you see your friends. You see what you love about them, right? You see them in the best possible light.

    Well, what if in this new year, we pledged to see ourselves as our friends do, with generosity and love and compassion? What if, when we looked in the mirror, we dared ourselves to see something beautiful instead of playing "spot the flaws"? Here's to a more beautiful 2015 for all of us.

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