Kim Kardashian's $5,000 Christmas Gift to Khloe Proves She Knows Her Well (PHOTO)

When you're Kim Kardashian and have just starred in a huge ad campaign with your husband for fashion design house Balmain, deciding on a Christmas gift for your sister-who-has-everything becomes a whole lot easier. Khloe Kardashian was spoiled this year by her big sis, who snagged a pricey jacket from Balmain, used her influence to get the designer to throw a personalized message on the back, and gave Khloe her favorite present of the season.


Khloe posted a photo of her gift on Instagram, along with the caption, "This is how I know my sister gets ME!! Thank you soooooo much Keeks!!! You won't be able to get this jacket off of me! Im in LOVE!!! #KhloMoney #BalmainArmy #Obsessed"

I think we can safely say she loves it.

If you can't make it out clearly, yes, that does indeed read, "Khlo Money." A similar Balmain jacket reportedly retails for about $5,000, but it's impossible to know whether Kim paid for this one or its true cost, since it was likely designed specifically for Khloe.

Given Kim and Kanye's close relationship with the Parisian fashion house -- and the fact that they recently shot a steamy ad campaign for the label, it's very possible this jacket is one extremely expensive example of the swag Kim probably receives from designer friends on a daily basis.

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Regardless of its cost, Kim was right on the money -- no pun intended -- when it came to picking out something we can totally see Khloe wearing to top off her teeny, low-cut cocktail dresses.

What do you think about Kim's gift to Khloe?


Images via khloekardashian/Instagram

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