Would You Inject Botox in Your Scalp to Get Hair Like Kim Kardashian?

Some days, you wash and style your hair and just know that the stars are aligning in your favor. Both the weather and your hair have decided to kiss and make up and grant to you the kind of magical, glossy Kim Kardashian hair day that promises more of the same tomorrow -- without the need to shampoo again. Ah, just lovely. 


But then 5 p.m. rolls around and you realize you haven't been to the gym in five days and it's time. But, oh lord, that also means sacrificing your perfect hair because your scalp is surely going to sweat and every hair on your head will rise like one big frizz souffle. Never you mind, because there's a solution to that: as long as you're willing to shell out big bucks and inject Botox into your scalp.

Some women are apparently using Botox on their scalps in order to keep their hair from getting sweaty and to ensure their blowouts always look spectacular. Now, using Botox to curb perspiration is nothing new -- the cosmetic procedure is known to help people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating.

But it takes a whole lot of Botox to cover the entire scalp, and doctors say it's much more painful to inject your head because the scalp is thicker.

The cost could also make you sweat: $2,000 for enough units to keep your hair from frizzing for six to seven months. You could get 50 blowouts for that price AND not worry about injecting a chemical inches away from your brain.

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Yes, I know the lines on our faces are inches away from our brains, too. I'm sure getting Botox on the scalp isn't more or less risky. But it seems, at least to me, like the reward isn't that great. I'll just wash my hair every other day, thanks very much.

Would you use Botox on your scalp?


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