Kate Upton Apologizes to Her Teen Brother for Being the 'Sexiest Woman Alive'

The following news will not raise a single eyebrow: Kate Upton has been selected as People magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive." When I read this today, the only thing I could think was, wait, how has this already not happened, like, a billion times? The model is 22, so surely she has snagged this award at least five times since she reached legal age? But no. This is a first for both Kate and People, which required the blonde beauty to actually appear on stage and accept her "award" at the first-ever People Awards Thursday. Now, what does one say in their acceptance speech, you may wonder? After you thank your mom and dad for possessing high-caliber genes, you prove -- as Kate did -- that you are adorable and funny as well as "sexy" and you apologize to your little brother for putting him through this torture.


Standing at the podium, Kate joked that she was "so, so sorry" to her 18-year-old brother David -- and there was no need to explain. Her little brother is, no doubt, being forced to field millions of questions daily from his friends and probably complete strangers at school who want info about his big sister. I'm picturing guys leaning over his shoulder as he fills out information cards at school so they can get a glimpse at his address. Can you even imagine how annoying that would get -- especially since he likely feels protective of his sibling?

In case you're wondering, Kate has two sisters, as well, and they are also gorgeous -- which shouldn't be so important, we all know. Kate posted this photo of herself with sister Christie on her Instagram:

I'm betting a few of us are wondering whether it stinks to have Kate as a sister, but I'm sure the truth is that the love and bond among these siblings transcends something as trivial as cup size or perfect teeth.

Before accepting her statue at the event -- yes, statue -- Kate also made it known she is very much taken when she quipped, "Um, you're welcome, Jason," speaking directly to Justin Verlander, her Detroits Tigers pitcher boyfriend. She then said that sexy to her means "someone who is confident and happy and that's the person I always strive to be."

She has always seemed sweet and down to earth, which is why I find it astounding to read so many nasty comments about her by folks (mostly women, do you think?) who say her face isn't really all that pretty, that she's all boobs, or that she has no waist. Are people for real? Should she get plastic surgery to correct all of these supposed "flaws" or can we just appreciate that a lot of people think she's super pretty and that tearing her apart doesn't make anyone else more beautiful?

What do you think of Kate as the "sexiest woman alive?" Would you want to be her sibling?


Images via kateupton/Instagram

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