Updo for the Holiday: The Elegant Look

cafemama before

cafemama BEFORE

No matter what you are wearing for the holidays, it's always fun to do a little something with your hair.

cafemama, Cafe Cynthia, and I went to Donsuki salon in NYC so Suki Duggan, stylist to the stars, could teach us how to create a holiday updo in minutes. Suki's a mom to three kids and she says all you need is a few minutes in the bathroom alone to create these styles.

I'll be showing you cafemama's elegant updo today, my retro look tomorrow, and Cafe Cynthia's girly style on Thursday. Maybe you can wear this style to the CafeMom Holiday Party!


Step 1: Suki says you don't need clean hair for this look, in fact, she was about to tease cafemama's locks a whole lot. Tease about two inches from roots at crown and back of head. Spray with a light hold hairspray.

Tease hair two inches from roots down

Step 2: Take brush and smooth one side over, brushing only the outer layer of hair, and secure at the center of the back of your head with bobby pins. Make an X with two bobby pins to keep in place. You will need to make about 3 to 5 Xs depending on the thickness of your hair.

Step 3: After securing one side, brush over the other side of hair to center, pulling hair over the bobby pins in place from the first side. Leave as many pieces as you like to frame face or secure all up. Suki likes a messier look because it is more modern. She left some wisps of hair to peek out top as seen below. Bobby pins are secured by coming in from the right, then then tucking in as you move pin over to the left. Pins are hidden this way.

Step 4: Lightly spritz with hairspray and play with loose ends at top to suit your style. 

Voila! An elegant, yet modern updo!

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