14 Coolest, Warmest Snow Boots You've Ever Seen (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Dec 14, 2014 Beauty & Style

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One of the most important things we must have prepared when it snows is a fantastic pair of snow boots. Sure there are things like shovels and heat and hot chocolate that are good to have, too. But cool boots need to also be at the top of the list. Just because it's cold and snowy outside, doesn't mean we have to lose our sense of style.

I've been searching for the most perfect boots for months now -- scouring websites and magazines, looking at what's on the feet of my most fashionable friends, and getting inspired by what I see from women on the street. And this is it! This collection of the coolest winter boots you've ever seen will have you singing let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Which pair are your favorite?


Image via Amy Gizienski/Flickr


  • Muk Luks Gwen Tall Snowboot


    Image via 6pm

    Aren't these just about the cutest snow boots ever? The snowflake pattern on Muk Luks Gwen Tall Snow Boot ($69.99) screams snow bunny. Add in the lace up and the faux fur pouring out the top and wear with tucked in tight pants and you are all set.


  • Icebug Meribel-L


    Image via Shoebuy

    I love white int he winter, especially these Icebug Meribel-L boots ($189.95). Rugged yet sweet, the traction on these boots are said to be the best. Plus they keep you warm at up to -40 degrees. Now I know you're not heading out to the arctics, but in case you were ... these are the boots to keep your tootsies toasty.

  • Columbia Ice Maiden II


    Image via Kohls

    Super sleek in all black, Columbia's Ice Maiden II boots ($80) are waterproof, but they also come in winter white and brown. I love the quilted pattern at the back of the boot.


  • Tecnica Vinyl Moon Boot


    Image via DSW

    My friend Ana has these Moon Boots and no one is cooler than Ana when she's wearing them. The Tecnica Vinyl Moon Boot ($79.95) comes in a few different colors, styles, and patterns, but it's the shine of the vinyl that I love best. 


  • Mou Creston Ankle Boot


    Image via Free People

    These might be the most darling of the bunch -- the Mou Creston Ankle Boot ($295) are made of sheepskin and have a textured sole, so yes they are great on snowy days but they are more for the woman heading out to town with snow on the ground than for the woman who is going for a hike in sub-zero temperatures. This is my kind of boot. They perfectly transition from walking outside to hanging out inside.

  • Matt Bernson Windsor Wool Plaid Hiker Boot


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    No winter is complete without a bit of plaid and Matt Bernson Windsor Wool Plaid Hiker Boot ($349) also has that contrasting brown sole that sets this boot apart. Leather and lace up looks great with that wool, plus the boot has a rare zipper up the back, so you can keep those laces tied.

  • Sorel Joan of Arctic Knit


    Image via Zappos

    Three words: Electric blue laces! Sorel is tops when it comes to winter boots and the Joan of Arctic Knit ($150) is your best friend when it comes to waterproof, comfy, and style.

  • Minnetonka Fringe Classic Pug Boot


    Image via Minnetonka

    Minnetonka Fringe Classic Pug Boot ($135.95) really is a classic. Add in that fringe and the fact that you can get these in black and grey as well, and well, I would like all three. Made of sheepskin and lined in what feels like clouds, these boots are like slippers for the outdoors.



  • Timberland Earthkeepers Amston Roll-Top


    Image via Zappos

    For people like me who can wear a bit of a heel anytime, anywhere, I present to you the Timberland Earthkeepers Amston Roll-Top ($140) in wheat. A 2 1/2 inch heel is nothing when it's in the form of a durable wedge. These beauties also come in black and brown. Wear all season long and even into early spring.

  • Aldo Sevigolla Boots


    Image via Aldo

    Stylish and simple, the Sevigolla boot ($89.98) is shearling-lined making them extra cozy and wam, and can be worn with just about anything. The perfect city girl boot that country girls will love.


  • Lucky Brand Over the Knee Narlee Boot


    Image via Bloomingdales


    So maybe you won't be shoveling 10 inches of snow in these boots, but you could if you really wanted to and you'd look amazing doing it, and stay warm. These Lucky Brand Over the Knee Narlee Boots ($239) have that motorcycle boot feel with the quilting but I have completely fallen in love with the fact they are over-the-knee and have a slight chunky heel.

  • Hunter Original Patent Pac Boots


    Image via Shopbop

    These are red hot boots! Hunter Original Patent Pac Boots ($235) will pop in the snow. I can see you wearing them now with black snow pants tucked in and a cute little snug black jacket and hat. Red lipstick, of course, to match.

  • Hi-Tec Thomas Boot 200 I


    Image via Shoebuy

    The adorable Hi-Tec Thomas Boot 200 I ($79.95) is lined with Thinsulate so you won't have to worry about getting cold feet, plus they are made to fit snug, perfect for the outdoorsy types who also love a funky pattern. They also come in a coal grey.

  • Totes Claudia Boots


    Image via 6pm

    With a mix of quilting and faux fur, Totes Claudia boots ($36) in grey have won my heart. Perfect price, too. They are waterproof and come in black, too.


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