Mom Style: What It Means to crazedmom

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We all like different styles. Some of us are jeans and t-shirt types, others are often in a dress and heels. But what's great about all of us CafeMoms is that we are all different and we can learn things from each other -- or even just share a good laugh with anecdotal stories of the kids.

I want to talk to you, CafeMoms! I featured Jaiden615 last week, and now...introducing the beautiful crazedmom! She describes herself as a metalhead diva born in Brooklyn, NY, and she's mom to two boys, ages 5 and 12, and a 10-year-old girl. She's kind enough to share a little bit about her cool mom style.


CafeMicheleZ: I love the fun blue streaks in your hair!

crazedmom: Thanks, it's temporary. I did it with this mascara from Sally's. I can't do it all the time because I have to work during the week, so I do it on the weekend and I do my daughter's, too.

CM: What beauty or style routine changed most for you when you became a mom?

c: Time allowed for makeup...I asked myself, What makeup do I need to wear? For my hair, I like a strong shampoo to handle my hair not being washed every day, a conditioner to prevent frizzies, and a styling product that is reasonably priced.

CM: What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?

c: I can't live without mascara and lip balm.

CM: What is your go-to style or signature look?

c: Black boots, dark jeans, dark shirt.

CM: What physical feature do you love most about yourself and why?

c: I love my eyes since my kids actually have them.

CM: What celebrity do others say you most resemble?

c: No one.

CM: I think you look like the super talented Johnette Napolitano from the band Concrete Blonde. Which celebrity do you wish you could steal their look?

c: Heather Locklear and Kate Beckinsale.

I love Kate Beckinsale's look, too. But I also love crazedmom's fun style!

Can you relate to crazedmom? I sure can...I love mascara and I was born in Brooklyn, too.

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