12 Celebrities Who Are Gorgeously Androgynous (PHOTOS)

One of the biggest fashion houses on the planet -- Givenchy -- announced that its Spring '15 star won't be some 19-year-old model. It's Julia Roberts -- in all of her makeup-free, minimalist glory! But that's not all. Instead of glamming the Oscar-winning star up with powders and liners and va-va-va-voom hair and jeweled gowns, Givenchy has decided to feature Julia just the way she is -- a little bit boyish and androgynous and, at the same time, incredibly gorgeous. Over the years, Julia has led the pack when it comes to interesting androgynous style that defies stereotypes and typical beauty standards. But she isn't the only beauty who opts for a look that would look equally cool on a boy. Here are 12 of our favorite androgynous female celebrities



Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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