12 Celebrities Who Are Gorgeously Androgynous (PHOTOS)

One of the biggest fashion houses on the planet -- Givenchy -- announced that its Spring '15 star won't be some 19-year-old model. It's Julia Roberts -- in all of her makeup-free, minimalist glory! But that's not all. Instead of glamming the Oscar-winning star up with powders and liners and va-va-va-voom hair and jeweled gowns, Givenchy has decided to feature Julia just the way she is -- a little bit boyish and androgynous and, at the same time, incredibly gorgeous. Over the years, Julia has led the pack when it comes to interesting androgynous style that defies stereotypes and typical beauty standards. But she isn't the only beauty who opts for a look that would look equally cool on a boy. Here are 12 of our favorite androgynous female celebrities


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  • Julia Roberts


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    The original Pretty Woman looks stunning in a long gown, but her cool style is really evident when she opts instead for a classic menswear-inspired suit that shows off her lean figure. When it comes to her hair and makeup, Julia also knows that less is more.

  • Kristen Stewart


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    There really was no other star who could portray rocker Joan Jett. Kristen Stewart is the type of girl who you just know grandmothers are saying has such a pretty face and should let her hair grow out -- but what makes her stand out from her peers is that she doesn't give a flip. Kristen's tomboy style and haircut give her an edge that opens up the doors for her to snag unusual movie roles.

  • Keira Knightley


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    Keira Knightley is as comfortable wearing a designer gown as she is a suit, boyfriend jeans, and sportswear. She isn't afraid to mix tough pieces with feminine ones and, as a result, has a cool style that is all her own.

  • FKA Twigs


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    Otherwise known as Robert Pattinson's girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs deserves to be recognized just for her talent and style alone. The 26-year-old Brit admits that she is thought of as "quirky" and androgynous and her wardrobe, which is a mix of vintage and cutting-edge, certainly helps that perception.

  • Milla Jovovich


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    From the moment she popped up on the modeling scene as a mere teenager, Milla Jovovich has always pushed the envelope when it comes to her personal style. She'll show up on the red carpet dripping in diamonds one day, then chop all of her hair off the next and wear a suit and tie. You never know what you'll get with Milla, which makes her an exciting celebrity to watch.

  • Rooney Mara


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    Rooney Mara was just another young pretty actress -- until she catapulted to fame in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and everybody wanted to copy her fearless look, which included super-short, ink-black hair, barely-there eyebrows, and a noir wardrobe that would have been frightening -- if she didn't always look so damn amazing in everything she wore.

  • Tilda Swinton


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    If you know nothing else about Tilda Swinton (who is a very talented Scottish actress who has starred in oodles of films, including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), you can probably say you still recognize her face from dozens of advertisements. Tilda is a muse for many designers, who are inspired by her insane bone structure, minimalist wardrobe, and iconic hair. Consider her (and Grace Jones, of course) the godmothers of androgyny.

  • Michelle Rodriguez


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    Michelle Rodriguez keeps her hair and nails long and has the kind of curvy figure that has landed her in men's magazines. But that doesn't mean the actress feels compelled to dress like your stereotypical bombshell. On the street and at events, Michelle is often spotted looking fantastic in her signature tomboy style, which includes leather jackets and ripped denim.

  • Cara Delevingne


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    Known for those dramatic and dark eyebrows, Cara Delevingne is also gaining recognition for her off-duty model attire. Unlike other pretty young things who dress up to grab milk at the supermarket, Cara prefers slouchy and hip fashions that would look just as good on Justin Bieber.

  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi


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    There are so many reasons why Ellen and Portia make a fantastic couple -- one of them is that they are always in sync when it comes to their Red Carpet style. They choose to let their natural beauty show and, instead of dolling themselves up with sequins and lipstick, usually opt for classic suits that are well made and flattering.


  • Rihanna


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    Is there any item of clothing that Rihanna can't make work? When she isn't flaunting her body in see-through gowns that we can't stop talking about for weeks, the cutting-edge singer and fashionista tends to favor styles that are strong, dramatic, and slightly masculine.

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