10 Wacky Ways to Do Away With Winter Hair Static (PHOTOS)

bad hair day womanAs much as you may love the season that brings us pretty holiday lights, snow, and cozying up in soft sweaters while sipping hot cocoa, your hair may very well not. Winter brings low humidity air that will, inevitably, at some point, do a number on your mane, leaving you to defend yourself against dry, flyaway strands and hair static! Sometimes, sparks even fly -- and we don't mean the romantic kind!


But you don't have to hide your tresses under a knit cap for the next few months! We consulted three top hair gurus who revealed 10 winning ways to keep your hair silky, smooth, and static-free all winter long.

Check out the tips below, then tell us: Which of these is your go-to? Or do you do something different?

Image via shutterstock/Olena Zaskochenko