10 Wacky Ways to Do Away With Winter Hair Static (PHOTOS)

10 Wacky Ways to Do Away With Winter Hair Static (PHOTOS)

bad hair day womanAs much as you may love the season that brings us pretty holiday lights, snow, and cozying up in soft sweaters while sipping hot cocoa, your hair may very well not. Winter brings low humidity air that will, inevitably, at some point, do a number on your mane, leaving you to defend yourself against dry, flyaway strands and hair static! Sometimes, sparks even fly -- and we don't mean the romantic kind!

But you don't have to hide your tresses under a knit cap for the next few months! We consulted three top hair gurus who revealed 10 winning ways to keep your hair silky, smooth, and static-free all winter long.

Check out the tips below, then tell us: Which of these is your go-to? Or do you do something different?

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  • The Right Hair Oil


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    Calming distressed, dry strands may be as simple as using a couple of drops of a frizz-fighting hair oil, like Alterna Haircare's Bamboo Smooth Pure Kendi Treatment Oil ($25, alternahaircare.com) or argan oil like Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum ($30, sephora.com). Just remember to go easy -- a little goes a long way! -- especially if you have fine hair.

  • Silk


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    Although you've probably heard before that using a dryer sheet is a quick fix to eliminate static, you can get the same effect from an everyday fabric, says celebrity stylist Ric Pipino, VP of Global Creative for Alterna Haircare.

    "I strongly do not recommend using dryer sheets on hair, as they’re actually quite toxic and laden with chemicals that are harsh," he says. "Instead, use some silk fabric the same way you’d use a dryer sheet to help control frizz."

  • An Ionic Hair Dryer


    Image via Conair.com

    We tend to think of hair dryers as contributors to the problem, because they're, well, drying! But reaching for an ionic dryer (like Conair Infiniti Pro, $35, amazon.com) can actually help you banish static. "Ion-infused dryers help to keep the cuticle remain flat and smooth, as well as keeps moisture in the hair shaft," explains Pipino. "Ultimately, it helps to control and eliminate frizz!"

  • Hairspray


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    A generous amount of hairspray doesn't just keep a coiffed hairstyle in place. It'll also tame those flyaways, notes Mara Roszak, L’Oréal Paris celebrity hairstylist. Her go-to product: L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray ($10.87, amazon.com).

  • A Hair Mask


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    As long as you don't have super-fine hair that tends to get weighed down by heavy conditioner, you can try "using a deep moisturizing mask in the shower helps add moisture, which helps prevent static in the hair," recommends Roszak. One to try: L’Oréal Paris OleoTherapy Deep Recovery Mask ($7.64, ULTA.com).

  • Skip Certain Styling Products


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    You might think that any hair product that is typically used for styling and hold can help you wrangle in static, but some will only serve to aggravate your problem, notes L.A.-based celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone, who has worked with Blake Lively and Jessica Alba. "Stay away from mousse, as it's very drying," he advises.

  • A Humidifier


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    Putting a humidifier in your bedroom can help you breathe better in the winter, but it also keeps static in check. "A humidifier actually does work as it helps keep moisture in the hair," notes Pipino.

  • A Better Brush


    Image via SheilaStotts.com

    Avoid plastic combs and brushes, as they're the worst contributors to static! Instead, choose a brush with "a ceramic barrel that is infused with ionic technology," advises Pipino.

    Or, consider a metal bristle brush, like Roszak's favorite professional one from Sheila Stotts ($38, sheilastotts.com). "You can also spray the brush bristles down with hairspray before running through hair," she says. "This helps a ton!"

  • Pick Different Shoes


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    If static seems to strike when you're wearing your favorite boots, you may want to pick a different pair. That's because wearing rubber soles can build up an electronic charge, which ends up being released through your hair! Eek!

  • Go for an Updo


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    Instead of fighting the static, you may need to simply work with it by "adopting the right hairstyle," explains Stone.

    "Part of what makes static worse is when your hair is moving about," he says. "If it is controlled, it's easier to rid yourself of it." For that reason, he recommends opting for "an updo of any kind -- chignon, bun, braids, even a ponytail!" to keep hair in place.


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