How to Wear a Tiara Without Looking Silly (PHOTOS)

woman wearing tiaraWe've noticed something exciting that should make our holidays sparkle even more this year: Tiaras are trending! As in -- tiaras for grownup women. That's according to The New York Times, anyway, where women who wear tiaras to work were profiled. Yes, really. But we know some better places to wear a crown -- and we've got tips on the dos and don'ts of wearing a tiara like the grownup princess you KNOW you are.

Have you ever worn a tiara for fun? Would you dare?

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  • Do Wear It to a Party


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    Where can you wear a tiara? At a holiday party! As long as your party is supposed to be fun, your sparkler should be welcome.

  • Don't Wear a Tiara Here


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    On the other hand, I wouldn't wear one to church, your child's school (unless you're volunteering with the preschoolers), the gym, most work environments -- basically any place where you need to be taken seriously. Maybe you could wear one to a playdate, but only if you're with really cool friends who would appreciate it.

    Love this woman's updo, though. (Suspended Droplets Tiara, $230 from BHLDN)

  • Do Channel Holly Golightly


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    Audrey Hepburn's iconic character from Breakfast at Tiffany's proves you don't have to be a princess, bride, or pageant winner to wear a tiara. Here's a video tutorial for creating Holly Golightly's hairdo. Just perch a tiny tiara at the base of your bouffant and you're golden.

  • Don't Go Full 'Game of Thrones'


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    This Ice Queen tiara might be a wee bit too much. You know? Then again, if you want to make a statement ... (Snow Queen Tiara, $88 from Etsy)

  • Do Choose a Subtle Crown


    Image via CamilliaHeirloom/Etsy

    ... To the extent that a mini-crown with rhinestones can be subtle, that is! This is unmistakably a tiara, but it's not insanely over-the-top. Just the right amount of cheeky fun! (Vintage tiara, $68 from Etsy)

  • Do Keep a Simple Hairstyle


    Image via Jennifer Behr

    Holly Golightly's 'do aside, a glam tiara looks best over super simple hair. Just keep it straight, or pull back into a low, loose ponytail. (Delicate Vine Circlet from Jennifer Behr)

  • Do DIY Your Crown


    Image via livcouture/Etsy

    This glitter star headband is only $29.50 via Etsy, but it doesn't look too hard to make yourself. Here's a tutorial on making a Christmas Star Crown. And here's a tutorial for a different look, a Holiday Leaf Crown. Both of these look gorgeous.

  • Do Be a Little Silly


    Image via BCBGMAXAZRIA

    That said, if you get right down to it, there's just no escaping the silliness of wearing a tiara. So why not embrace it -- with these glam antlers, for example. It's quite a splurge for a jokey holiday headpiece, but not if you wear it every holiday. (Pave antlers, $58 from BCBGMAXAZRIA) Or check out this amazing lavender unicorn headpiece.

  • Wear It Christmas Morning


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    Because we're all princesses on Christmas morning! This is 100 percent appropriate, especially if it's a plastic, feather-trimmed tiara from the toys section or a party store.

  • Don't Misbehave ... Much


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    You're calling attention to yourself by wearing a tiara, so make sure you're worthy of that attention. Be as ladylike as you can be. No yelling or throwing things like drunken bridesmaids. Ask yourself: WWCDCD? (What would Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge do?) Of course, what you do when Prince Charming removes your crown at the end of the evening is your business.

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