5 Super Fun Hairstyle Hacks Using Just 1 Clip (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Dec 10, 2014 Beauty & Style

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My hair is often in my face. So if I'm not in the mood for eating it, getting the kids' sticky lollipops tangled in it, or having it get caught in the zipper of my jacket (ouch!), I must put it up with a clip.

 hairclip hairstyles

But that could get boring, so I amped it up to be a bit more glam but still super easy to do. All with just one clip! An updo doesn't have to be fussy or require 347 bobby pins to work. Here are five easy hairstyles you can do with just one hair clip.

Which one is your favorite?

  • Hair, Hair, Everywhere


    Images via Michele Zipp

    See? Always in my face. Which is great when I'm in the mood for that, but for the everyday stuff, I need it up and out of the way. I'm starting with essentially all one-length long hair. But even if your hair isn't exactly the same, many of these looks can work for you, too. Try them!

  • Enlist Help


    Having a helper isn't necessary, but who could say no to this face? My daughter loves when I put ponytails and braids in her hair, so when it was time for me to "play" with my hair, she wanted to help.

  • Preparing for a Three-Knot Half-Up 'Do


    For what I'm calling a three-knot half-up 'do, begin with a middle part and take a small amount of hair from sides, collect on top of head, and knot it. Clip temporarily to hold in place or have your helper hold it. If your hair is shorter and cannot be knotted, twist instead.

  • Make Three Knots


    Once both sides are knotted, make another knot when connecting the two.

    For shorter hair and twists, combine the two twisted sides and then twist and spin around each other to secure.

  • Three-Knot Half-Up 'Do Complete


    Play with the knots (twists) on top of your head to tighten or loosen depending on the look you like best and then secure in back with the clip. It gives a slightly retro look.

  • Preparing for the Side-Knot Bun


    Pull all your hair to one side and twist.

  • Side-Knot Bun Part 2


    Then loosely tie your hair in a knot. Fan out the hair to make the knot look thicker.

  • Side-Knot Bun Complete


    Tuck the hair hanging after the lower part of the knot up and behind the knot. Use clip in the back to secure. Hide clip within hair. Bonus if you do this when your hair is slightly wet: Mermaid waves when you take it out. It's a great hairstyle for winter, too -- keeps hair from having a lot of static and the bun looks cute sticking out from a winter hat.

  • Preparing for the Top Knot With a Clip


    Pull all your hair to almost the top of your head and twist. You can go to tip-top, too, if you like that look -- it's quite fun and a favorite of Beyonce's.

  • The Clipped Top Knot


    Twist all your hair around itself and secure end in back. Play with the thickness of the top knot to cover clip and make it as tousled or right as you wish. It's so simple to do and it works to not only get your hair out of the way when you are washing your face, but for everyday.

  • The Half-Up Side-Bun


    Take a portion of one side of your hair just like you took one part of one side for the Three-Knot Half-Up 'Do, but instead of knotting it, bring it over to the opposite side, smoothing hair as you pull it over. Then twist and knot the end, tucking the rest of the hair behind and securing with the clip.

  • Preparing for the Side-Part Bun


    This looks crazy but trust me here. Flip your hair over like you did when it was the '80s and you wanted VOLUME. (If you are too young to know what I'm talking about, thank your lucky stars you avoided that insane hair era.) Leaving the front portion of hair untouched, grab all the hair from the back and twist it up on the clip so the clip rests at about the center of the back of your hair. This doesn't have to be perfect, as you can tell from this picture.

  • Part 2 of the Side-Part Bun


    Next, lift your head and take the hair that isn't in the clip and brush it with your fingers to one side.

  • Finished Side-Part Bun


    Swoop all the top portion of your hair to the side and back to wrap around and then secure by adding the hair in the same clip. If you want to doll this look up a little more, add a flower to the side behind your ear. You can even braid a part of it, too.


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