Best Magazines for the Beauty & Style Mavens

I love magazines! Sure, I love the web and how I can search info so easily, but I love me a good mag while cozied up in PJs on my couch while sipping coffee. Hmm...that sounds like a great idea right about now.

The glossies make great gifts and I recently asked CafeMoms what fashion magazine they thought would be the right one for a stylish gal who isn't too caught up in trends.

Check out the results....

  • 24 percent said said In Style
  • 15 percent said Lucky
  • 11 percent said Elle
  • 8 percent said Marie Claire
  • 4 percent said Allure
  • 35 percent said other

There were a few write-ins for this poll on which magazine to buy which included Glamour, Cosmo, Brides, and Self.

I subscribe to Lucky and they ended up offering me a free subscription with my renewal with another offer to get Allure for $8 (if I recall correctly) for the whole year!

I gave the free subscription to my sister and I wish I signed up for Allure, too, but I didn't do it right away and then I never found that offer card again. You know how that goes.

Do you subscribe to magazines? If so, which ones are your favorite?

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