Dyeing Your Armpit Hair Neon Is the Latest Weird Beauty Trend (PHOTOS)​

If you want to be a trendsetter, it's never been easier: just ditch your razor and grab some Manic Panic dye. You don't have to change a single hair on your head -- but you will have to let your armpit hair grow long and free and then dye it the craziest, brightest color you can imagine. Tons of feminists have been posting photos of themselves on Instagram and Twitter proudly showing off their rainbow-hued armpit hair and starting a beauty revolution in the process. Check out these 8 photos of women who aren't afraid to embrace their bodies and, instead of going to great lengths to get rid of their body hair, are choosing to draw attention to it.


Image via youniquepackergirl/Instagram

  • Bold Pink Pits


    This young woman made a bold pink statement when she dyed her armpit hair to match her fuchsia hair. She captioned her photo, "HOT PINK PITS!" and used the hilarious hashtag #armpithairdontcare.

  • Matching Money Pits


    You could match your armpit hair to the hair on your head or -- what the hell -- dye it to resemble a $20 bill.

  • Princess Purple Pits


    Talk about armpit hair your princess-loving 3-year-old will go bananas for -- just dye yours purple and you'll be her hero for yet another reason.

  • Fire-Engine Red Pits


    Holy fierce-ness. If you have the confidence to pull off this bold red statement, you should seriously quit wasting all that time with hair dye and run for president.

  • Perfect Punky Pink Pits


    With cool violet tones beneath all that fun bright pink, this one wins my vote for fave offbeat armpit hue.

  • Cotton Candy Pink Pits


    When it comes to popular armpit hair colors, pink is right up there. But in this case all shades of the pretty hue are welcome -- including this pastel, blink-and-you-miss-it candy pink.

  • Mellow Yellow Pits


    Show off your sunny disposition by dyeing your armpit hair yellow -- which we all know is the happiest color in the rainbow.

  • Christmas Pits


    Unleash your creativity and dye your armpit hair to represent each fun holiday that comes your way: green and pink/red for Christmas, yellow and pink for Easter, orange and black for Halloween -- the possibilities are endless.