Tori Spelling Is Planning to Get More Plastic Surgery -- And It’s Extreme


Tori Spelling's self-confidence has taken a nosedive since her husband Dean McDermott cheated on her. But instead of cutting the numero uno source of her bad feelings -- him -- loose, she has apparently decided to turn on herself and alter her body in a big way: Tori wants to get more plastic surgery. And we're not just talking about a bit of Botox, though that's on her laundry list. The actress and True Tori reality star is considering making a major change, and if she goes through with it, well, she has officially lost her sanity.


Tori, who is only 41, has spoken before about wanting to get surgery to fix her C-cup breast implants, which she got when she was in her 20s. She has always said she regrets the move and it wouldn't be surprising to find out she goes for it -- especially considering how her implants also reportedly pose a "heath concern" for the mother of four.

But here's where things get weird. Tori is also said to be looking into other "nip/tuck" procedures like Botox fillers and a facelift.

A facelift -- at 41 -- is totally insane. I can understand wanting to look fresher and going for a few fillers, as long as you have the extra money to burn, of course. But Tori is considering a major procedure and, what's more, if she goes to this extreme at her young age, I can't even imagine how far she is going to take things 20 years from now.

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The real issue here, I think, is that Tori needs a hug, not more plastic surgery. She needs to cut away whatever or whoever it is that is making her feel horrible about herself and work on loving herself again before she considers plastic surgery. A facelift is a temporary fix -- one that will make her realize she needs a tummy tuck. And then lip fillers. And then ... who knows what else.

Any plastic surgeon with morals would advise a woman not to have a procedure while going through a "rough patch" in her life. That's like deciding to get pregnant in order to save a relationship. Bad move, Tori.

Do you think plastic surgery will help Tori feel better about herself?

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