100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute Video Is a Scary Look at the Death of Glamour (WATCH)

100 years of beauty in 1 minuteWe've come a long way, baby! All you need to do is watch Downton Abbey or Titanic to see that the turn of the 20th century required women to be majorly high-maintenance when it came to their beauty and style. As the decades wore on, makeup and hairstyles got more relaxed, which is definitely a relief. But has our glamour suffered as a result? Thanks to a stunning viral video that covers 100 years of beauty in just 1 minute, you can be the judge!


The cool clip from Cut Video is a speedy time-lapse of a model undergoing the go-to makeup and hair styling of every decade spanning from 1910 to 2010.

Check it out.

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As much as I covet beachy waves, this definitely leaves me yearning a bit for the stunning looks of yesteryear. At least the good news is that what's old is new again every so often, so if you want to revive those '30s finger waves or '80s electric eye shadow, you could very well be in good company!

Which decade's style is your favorite, and why?


Image via Cut Video/YouTube

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