Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Insane Bikini Photo of Her 61-Year-Old Mom

I thought actress Jada Pinkett Smith had a to-die-for body -- and she does -- but get ready to have your mind blown because her 61-year-old mother's abs could cut glass. Jada took to Facebook to post a photo of mom Adrienne Banfield-Jones as she emerged from the water in Jamaica -- where the family spent Thanksgiving -- and, let's just say, her teeny bikini shows off a stomach that looks like it was painted on by the gods themselves.


I know what you're here for and it would be cruel to make you wait, so here it is -- a photo of Jada's mom rocking a bikini. Get your tissues ready:

Oh. My. God. This woman had children. This woman has teenage grandchildren. And she looks unbelievable -- and ageless.

Jada captioned her photo, "Willow took this shot of her grandmother, my mother, emerging from the ocean today. She is 61! I wanna be her when I grow up:) Happy Friday..."

Honestly, I don't know why so much attention is being paid to Jada and Will Smith's kids Willow and Jaden when grandma should be given 10 health/exercise book deals pronto! There isn't a person on Earth staring at this photo and not wondering how she has defied gravity and a slower metabolism that generally comes with age in order to achieve this amazing body. Are her genes that incredible? Or is there a lot of hard work and effort and egg whites involved (please say there is).

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In all seriousness, good for Adrienne for continuing to inspire younger women with her healthy physique -- and for not replacing her bikinis with one-piece suits. She looks positively stunning.

What do you think of Jada's mom's bikini body?


Images via jadapsmith/Twitter & Jada Pinkett Smith/Facebook

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