Snooki Reveals Her Wedding Ring -- And It's HUGE (PHOTO)

You may have heard the good news: our loveable Snooki is now Mrs. Jionni LaValle! After marrying her longtime love and the father of her two children, Nicole Polizzi surprised us all with her amazingly beautiful 1920s-inspired wedding gown and her bridemaids' equally gorgeous black gowns. 


I'm not saying I expected Snook to tie the knot wearing a skintight leopard cocktail dress, but girlfriend pulled a total 180 from her Jersey Shore days and went with something classic -- and classy. It's now time to shift our focus -- to Snooki's wedding ring. She and Jionni proudly posted a photo of their new rings on her Instagram page and, all we can say is: hers is totally perfect ... FOR HER.

Snooki proved she still appreciates a flashy jewel when she opted for not one, but TWO diamond eternity bands that she paired with her mega-huge engagement ring:

Now, this couple obviously has the means to splurge on an extravagant ring. More power to them -- they should spend their money however they choose. But I have to say I'm a little over this whole bigger is better mentality when it comes to rings. When I see a dainty finger wearing a big ole monster of a rock, I just think it looks as if her hand is about to snap off from the weight of it.

As someone who can't stand wearing a lot of jewelry -- especially rings -- I've always been fascinated by women who can go about their business and do everyday chores wearing this much bling. I could never change a diaper wearing these rings for fear that I would a) cut my baby because there's no way diamonds this gigantic wouldn't do some serious damage to delicate skin and b) that I would, ahem, get my ring very dirty, if you know what I mean.

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Now, if you tell me this sparkler is your 10-year anniversary gift that you plan to wear the way you would a glitzy cocktail ring? Different story. I could definitely get behind that. But as an "everyday" ring? There's just no way.

The important thing here is that this ring (or these rings, I should say) fit Snooki and her personality. And, for that reason, they are perfect.

What do you think of Snooki's wedding ring?


Images via snookinic/Instagram


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