New 'Vagina Facial' Is Really As Crazy As It Sounds​

woman's legs hanging off of spa bedIf you thought getting a bikini wax might be in the cards for you this holiday season (as a little treat for your husband or even yourself, if it's your cup of tea!), hold your credit cards, because there's another treatment you may need to book, too! No, it's not this year's other eyebrow-raising trend in lady-scaping, the backwards Brazilian! It's ...  the vagina facial, aka "the Vajaycial."


The famous J Sisters, whose devoted celeb clientele and famous Brazilian waxes got them mentioned on an episode of Sex and the City back in 2000, are now offering the service. They call it "Gommage Therapy," described by Page Six's informant as "a facial type thing for the area ‘down there,’ and helps deal with cosmetic issues including ingrown hairs."

In the past, the treatment has been used to exfoliate the face, but this is the first time it's being touted as a must-do therapy for lady bits!

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As wacky as it may sound at first, it's not exactly the MOST insane treatment we could dream up for grooming women's nether regions. Ingrowns and all other manner of irritated red bumps and blemishes can be an unfortunate, even uncomfortable issue if you wax or shave.

Anyone who does remove their "down there" hair on the regular knows this and, in turn, has likely explored other, less pricey or time-consuming fixes, like Tend Skin Razor Bump Skin Care Solution ($20, or Queen Bee Buzz Off Bumps ($24,, which exfoliate and clear up clogged pores and hair follicles with ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acids. 

Because, really, most of us find it's hard enough to find time for a bikini wax, let alone a pricey follow-up treatment that's questionably necessary.

Sure, if you're interested in getting a bit of extra TLC for some of your most sensitive skin, it makes sense to book an appointment for a Vajaycial. But as for it taking off like some of the J Sisters' other claims to fame? Eh, highly doubtful!

Would you ever try this treatment? How do you feel about plunking down dough for personal grooming like this?


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