Reese Witherspoon Defends Renee Zellweger After 'Cruel' Attacks on Her New Look

renee zellweger reese witherspoonJust when you thought the brouhaha over Renee Zellweger's surprising new look had mostly died down, one of her famous friends has denounced all the negative noise about the star's "peaceful" makeover. When the topic came up at the annual Hollywood Reporter actress round table, Reese Witherspoon jumped to Renee's defense.


Calling the commentary about her friend's look "horrible" as well as "cruel and rude and disrespectful," she admitted it bothers her "immensely," elaborating:

I know this is so Pollyanna of me, but why — and it's particularly women — why do they have to tear women down? And why do we have to tear other women down to build another woman up? It drives me crazy. Like, this one looks great without her makeup but that one doesn't look good without her makeup, and it's all just a judgment and assault that I don't — look, men are prey to it as well. I just don't think it's with the same sort of ferocity.

She's SO right. It's terribly sad how we as women can subject one another to harsh, nasty, catty tongue-lashing. We're one another's worst critics, and we seem to want approval about our appearance from other women more than anyone -- men or, most importantly, ourselves. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for curiosity. Whether it's a celeb or your BFF flaunting a new look, it's natural to wonder how she got her hair that ombre hue, what eyeliner she's using, or maybe, just maybe, if she had some work done to smooth those crows' feet that bothered her so much.

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But HOW are we asking those questions? How are we treating other women to their faces -- and behind their backs? Doing it in a spiteful way that stems from vanity and insecurity is never a good look for anyone.

There's a respectful way of discussing another woman's appearance and an utterly distasteful way. The conversation about Renee sadly crossed that line. Sure, some were more guilty of it than others, but maybe we could all stand to check ourselves.

Why do you think we judge other women so harshly?

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