Tori Spelling's Shocking Makeover Is a Must-See (PHOTO)

tori spelling instagram short hairTori Spelling will be the first to admit she's been having a rough year. It's almost exactly a year after news broke about husband Dean's cheating scandal, and the only thing we know for sure -- judging from the second season of the celeb couple's reality show True Tori -- is that their troubled marriage may be thisclose to dunzo. But that's not ALL there is to discuss, people. Perhaps more pressing: Tori debuted a totally unexpected makeover this week!


Sitting down to chat with Kathie Lee and Hoda on Monday, the mom of four flaunted a jaw-dropping new hairstyle. Check it out.

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At first glimpse, I thought the gray was actually part of her sweater! Weird! But as you can see from the Instagram snap she later shared, it's blond on top with gray underneath.

Love that she did this as part of "rebirth." Okay, sure, we aren't all in the same boat as Tori when it comes to all the drama she's had going on lately, but when it comes to being stressed out, a busy mom, or simply in need of a change, most of us can certainly relate. 

It's funny, because you wouldn't usually think of gray as the go-to color for a refreshing, "turning over a new leaf" makeover. But the way Tori did it is unique, chic, and eye-catching! Totally works!

And really, what you've gotta love most about it is that she's having fun. Isn't that what beauty and style should be all about? Expressing yourself and experimenting? 

Furthermore, this move should make the rest of us feel fine not just about going gray, but deciding to up and do something totally out of left field with our look! Maybe just for the sake of switching it up. And who cares what anyone else thinks, as long as we're enjoying ourselves, right? I mean, it doesn't hurt that most of us don't have to worry about being subject to TONS of public tongue clucking like Tori ... But at least when it comes to this glam new look, there's absolutely nothing to diss.

What do you think about Tori's new look? Would you ever voluntarily "go gray"?


Image via Tori Spelling/Instagram

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