Hilarious Diamond Hashtag Ring Is Just 1 Accessory You Need Right NOW (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Nov 18, 2014 Beauty & Style

mom and daughter taking a selfieGetting your "selfie" on may be so 2013, but social media is still taking over the world we live in. We're all compelled to share every amazing pic we take, with just the right filter. And being that we're that enamored with hashtagging the heck out of, well, everything, it only seems fitting that our obsession with all things digital would be reflected in our most valuable accessories, right? What I'm saying is, you totally need your own 18-karat diamond hashtag ring.

Yes. It exists -- and the designer bling by Khai Khai can be yours for just $825!

hashtag ring Khai Khai

Or maybe you're more of an "@" symbol kinda gal? Or would legitimately add an Instagram-inspired pendant to your holiday wish list?

Whatever form of social media you worship, there's an accessory for that! We rounded up a few of the snazziest (and, okay, silliest!) share-worthy trinkets out there.

Check 'em out, and then tell us: Which of these -- if any -- would you dare wear?


Images via iStock.com/M_a_y_a & Khai Khai

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