Jessica Alba Gets a Stunning Makeover You Just Have to See (PHOTO)

jessica alba

Do you love Jessica Alba's chestnut-brown ombre hair? Well, say goodbye, because it's all gone. When you see her exciting makeover, you may be tempted to try it yourself. Alba transformed her hair and posted the process in a "Flipagram." We've never seen the busy mom of two look like this before!


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Alba's still working an ombre color, but this time she went blond. And by that we mean platinum-on-the-ends blond. It's like she's single-handedly trying to fight off this year's Polar Vortex with the golden rays coming from her hair. Ha -- I'm exaggerating. But seriously, check out how blond she went.

Isn't that fun? That "before" and "after" transformation never gets old. I think the new blond hair really suits her. Here's a shot from the Flipagram.

jessica alba blond

As a fellow brunette with brown eyes, I've always been wary of the idea of going blond. Something about an olive skin tone doesn't always work with lighter hair. But Alba is obviously making it work. Maybe it's the ombre? It's darker at the roots, with just a few paler, golden strands around her face and more on the ends and in the back. That seems to suit her coloring. So she kind of gets the best of both hair shades.

It definitely seems to be the way to go for dark-eyed brunettes thinking of going blond. And you know what? They keep saying ombre is over, but as long as people like Alba make it look this good, I think it's going to stick around a lot longer.

What do you think of Jessica Alba's hair makeover?


Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

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