Anchorman Wears Same Suit for a Whole Year & No One Notices

man in a suit

An Australian anchorman has done something most women would find absolutely unthinkable. Are you sitting down, ladies, because you're not going to believe this one. Today co-host Karl Stefanovic confessed that he's been wearing the same navy suit every day for an entire year, and get this, no one noticed! And the reason behind why he did it will make you go from "ewww!" to "ahhhh!" in seconds.


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Sure, he says, he changed his shirt and tie (and let's hope his socks and undies, too!), but other than that, he wore what he calls his "cheap Burberry knock-off" every single day for a whole year. When no one seemed to notice, he just kept right on going.

So, just what would make a man in the public eye do something this strange? It was a social experiment, says the newscaster who knew his female co-anchor endured an abundance of criticism for her wardrobe while he never received any.

Well, it looks like Stefanovic proved his point that sexism is alive and well! He explains:  

Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say, and what they wear.

I love that this guy had the nerve to do this and he wasn't too embarrassed to really go out on a limb -- for a full year! Unfortunately, what he discovered isn't surprising to us, is it? 

Did you see that just last week several news outlets reported on the supposed "genius" behind wearing the same outfit every day? The articles pointed to Mark Zuckerberg's ubiquitous gray T-shirt and President Barack Obama's gray and blue suits as evidence of smart men focused on bigger decisions than merely what to wear.

While that might work for them, can you imagine if women tried this? Picture Kate Middleton wearing the same Jenny Packham dress day after day because she's got bigger things on her mind? Designers everywhere would be horrified and she'd be publicly ridiculed. Remember when she recycled an outfit while traveling and caused quite a kerfuffle? 

Sure, when you first have a baby, it's very easy to slip into that familiar "uniform" of comfy pants and a forgiving shirt, but women working outside the home could never get away with this the way a man can. But, then again, would we want to? 

If you could get away with it, would you wear the same outfit every day?


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