Solange Knowles Wore Something Pretty Shocking to Her Wedding

solange knowles weddingThis weekend, one woman changed wedding fashion for all of us. Ladies, throw away your veils and scrap you bridesmaid dress orders. Beyoncé's sister Solange Knowles just got married and made flouting tradition look incredibly stylish -- and easy! Here are three wedding rules Solange broke at this hip affair, and how you can break them, too.


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1. The bridal jumpsuit. Solange and groom Alan Ferguson rode bikes to their wedding -- a sweet, trendy idea we've seen other couples do, though more often after the wedding. Solange broke that rule about grooms seeing the bride before the wedding here. But more importantly, she wore a jumpsuit! This isn't so much breaking a rule as much as re-writing the rules, actually.

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If it seems a little extravagant to buy both a wedding dress and a wedding jumpsuit, you can go casual with the jumpsuit. Here's a cute little number you could try (popover jumpsuit, $59.50 from Macy's), but if you're planning a summer wedding, you could wait until spring to find your perfect bridal jumpsuit.

white jumpsuit


2. Everyone wearing white. Forget that rule about only the bride wearing white: Solange's entire wedding party wore white, and they looked spectacular. What made this twist even cooler is that everyone got to do white their own individual way. There's a clear color scheme, but without the matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses that will never be worn again.

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How do you copy this idea? Easy -- just tell everyone in your party to wear something white. Many won't even have to buy something new, which is awfully considerate of you. Even if someone goes casual with white jeans and a T-shirt and someone else gets decked out in a satin sheath, it's going to look amazing, maybe even more so than if everyone is in formal attire.

3. The bridal cape. Solange tossed out the bridal veil in favor of something much more modern -- a cape! She had two, in fact. One was a capelet for the biking jumpsuit (by Stephane Rolland) and the other was part of her Humberto Leon for Kenzo cape and dress ensemble for the ceremony. That minimal dress with the gold bracelets is so dreamily elegant, I could die. It's enough to make me swear off lace and tulle for the rest of my entire life.

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Want to give the bridal cape a try? For a winter wedding, this faux fur capelet is perfectly elegant (faux fur cape, $56.22 from Etsy).

wedding caplet 

Good luck finding a full-length white cape that doesn't come from a costume store. You can get them from bridal stores, though it's hard to find one as sleek and simple as Solange's. This hooded cape has a fun Disney look to it (bridal cape, $90 from Wholesale Wedding).

bridal cape

Or you could email those photos of Solange to a tailor and have your perfect capelet or cape custom-made. Because I don't know about you, but after seeing Solange's capes, these two just wouldn't do it for me. But to each her own.

What do you think of Solange's wedding style? Ready to ditch the veil for a cape?


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