ESPN Radio Host Hurls Harsh Insult at Plus-Size Women

clothingPlus-size women have a lot to be angry about this week. First, it was discovered that popular retailer Old Navy has been charging bigger women as much as $15 more than their slimmer counterparts for a pair of jeans. Adding insult to injury, one plus-size customer also uncovered the fact that men's jeans are the same price regardless of size!


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The Gap-owned clothier responded to Renee Posey's complaint, which she outlines in her petition on, by saying that it's not just a matter of materials. Rather, the chain employs designers who strive to make the pieces as flattering as possible, and it's their time and expertise that drive prices higher. 

But making matters even worse is the fact ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd said that rather than be upset about the controversial pricing policy, Posey and her plus-size posse should "get on a treadmill." 

Oh no he didn't! Oh yes he did, ladies! You'd think that with a last name like "Cowherd," he'd be a little sensitive, but no. In response, women AND men took to Twitter to decry his remarks, with many calling him a jerk and others demanding his suspension.

Women of all shapes and sizes are held to impossible standards and endless scrutiny, isn't that enough? Do we need additional insults and mockery from a radio host?

This isn't the first time the outspoken personality angered the public. In October, he drew the ire of the African-American community when he announced that "African-American men do not watch hockey." Nothing like a sweeping, unfounded generalization, is there? Crazy! 

Personally, I think Posey's efforts should be applauded. If I were being asked to pay 30 percent more for something than my peers, I'd certainly want an explanation. 

Does Old Navy's explanation justify its higher prices for plus-size clothing?

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