'Vacation Breasts' Plastic Surgery Lets Women Take Implants for a Test Run

woman looking at breast implantsEver muse about the idea of getting plastic surgery, specifically breast augmentation, but not really want to commit to it? Or on the fence about whether or not you'd really be cool with the results? Well, now, a plastic surgeon in New York has a possible solution to all that hemming and hawing: temporarily larger breasts

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe previously developed something called the "insta-breast," which is just a saline injection that gives the impression of implants for 24 hours. Now, he says he's working on a method that would last two or three weeks.

Dr. Rowe thinks these impermanent "implants" are perfect for a special occasion (think beach vacay, wedding, etc.) and also allow patients to see what life with bigger breasts would be like. A test drive for the real deal, in other words.


It is intriguing to think that women would be able to experience what the weight and feeling of the new breasts would be like before committing to a major operation. And it's interesting to think that you could walk into a doctor's office an A cup and out a C or D without any recovery downtime. But the method almost feels a wee bit too sci-fi.

Dr. Rowe reportedly won't share what chemicals are in the solution for these temporary implants, but he says it's "something that's already widely used in the medical community for other purposes." Hrrrm.

Nonetheless, the general reaction from other medical professionals is skepticism and concern that there may be a risk of hitting a blood vessel with the injection (forming a hematoma) as well as the chance of infection. No one knows what long-term risks might be yet, either, which is concerning.

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In the meantime, Dr. Rowe is going full steam ahead by talking to the FDA. If he does manage to get these so-called "vacation breasts" past the government agency, he guesses that it'll run you about $2,500 to get 'em.

Guess only time will tell whether women feel like the cost and possible risks are worth the reward of trial-run implants!

Would you ever consider getting "vacation breasts"? Why or why not?


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