14 Gorgeous Bodies You Never Thought You'd See on the Runway (PHOTOS)

Lingerie Fashion Week recently took place in New York City, and every single fashion designer today should take a lesson from the runways. In addition to the to-DIE-for lingerie, the designers featured an incredibly diverse range of models, from empowered breast cancer survivors to pregnant fembots, plus-size models, petite ladies, and female skateboarders. What I really love, though, is that all these women were mixed in with more traditional "model" types -- this wasn't an event for any ONE kind of body. Seriously people, why can't ALL runways be like this?

"Lingerie is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are the women who wear it -- on, and off, the runway!" says Lauren Rich, the founder of Lingerie Fashion Week. And when you look at these stunning photos, you'll see she really means it.

Click through the slideshow to see some of the best shots from the week -- if you're like me, you'll get a little teary seeing the exuberance, joy, and true beauty in all those different packages. Which one is your favorite?


Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

  • Harlow & Fox


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    A stunning lingerie set from the luxurious UK brand Harlow & Fox, worn by a stunning lady with some major curves.

  • Bella Petite


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Bella Petite is a gorgeous lingerie line for women with small breasts. Bella, indeed!

  • You! Maternity


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Why hello there, amazing woman growing another human being inside her incredible body! You! Lingerie, known for fashion-forward maternity lingerie and loungewear, stormed the runway with what Lingere Fashion Week called "an army of Fifth Element inspired pregnant models-turned-fembot warriors." Love it!

  • Gem Picket


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    A sassy, sexy look by Gem Picket.

  • 'Pink Chose Me'


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    This strong and beautiful woman is Tiffany Jones, breast cancer survivor and the founder of the PinkChoseMe Foundation, a non-profit organization working to educate, uplift, and support women whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. She walked the runway for the PinkChoseMe show, along with other beautiful women who have fought -- or who are fighting -- the disease. Tiffany is wearing Affinitas & Parfait.

  • 'Pink Chose Me' - Dalvis


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    This is Dalvis, a breast cancer warrior, owning the PinkChoseMe runway in Affinitas & Parfait.

  • Lola Haze


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    A gorgeous nightie from Lola Haze.

  • The Giving Bride


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    The Giving Bride is a Made in America wedding lingerie line. Swoon!

  • Play Out


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Play Out sent strong, athletic women down the runway, all the better to showcase their kick-a**, gender neutral undies.

  • Andreé Ciccarelli


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Part of the Made in the USA Runway Show, Andreé Ciccarelli is an independent designer based in New York City.

  • Tia Lyn


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Love this sleek and sexy slip by Tia Lyn, a line known for beautiful plus-size lingerie.

  • Secrets in Lace


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Secrets in Lace is a fab retro-inspired line of lingerie and ultra sexy stockings. They also have a line designed by the Queen of Burlesque: Dita Von Teese Stockings by Secrets in Lace!

  • Secrets in Lace


    Image via Lingerie Fashion Week

    Another va-va-voom shot from the Secrets in Lace runway show. All about that bass, indeed!

  • A Backstage Peek


    Image © Cooper Naitove for Lingerie Fashion Week

    I just had to incude this adorable shot from backstage at the Secrets in Lace runway show. How much fun are they having? And can you blame them?!


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