Taylor Swift Is Unrecognizable on New Magazine Cover (PHOTO)

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Say "Taylor Swift" and I'll instantly picture a preppy blond bob with classic red lipstick. The pop star has a signature look, and it works for her. But have you seen Swift's cover for Wonderland magazine? You'd hardly recognize her. She's like ... whoa, I don't know how else to put it. You guys, Taylor looks like a hipster. FOR REAL.


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Gone is the blond bob. Goodbye carmine lips. Instead, Swift's got brown hair slicked back with finger waves. You don't even notice her lipstick because this look is all about the eyebrows: boldly defined brows that completely transform her face. And she's wearing some sort of "normcore," not-even-remotely-girly white crew neck sweater.

Hey, Wonderland! Where is Taylor Swift and what have you done with her?

taylor swift wonderland

Actually, I think she looks great. Bold brows are still very hot and happening right now. And Swift is so grown-up and elegant without the bangs, you have to wonder why she's always covering up her face in the first place.

And what's really interesting is that even though it's a more sophisticated look, she still looks as young as she is. Maybe even younger. It definitely shows a side of Swift we've never seen before.

In a recent NPR interview, Swift said earnestly, "I've never felt edgy, cool, or sexy. Not one time." Well ... I guess there's a first time for everything, and Swift looks all three of those things in this photo. Good for her!

I find this inspiring. I think we all tend to find a look that works for us, and we stick with it. But every once in a while, it's fun to change that signature look and see what taking on a whole new physical persona does to us on the inside. Maybe we don't want to be chameleons, changing up our looks constantly so we don't even know who we are. But being consistent, and then playing with a totally new look, is a fun way to do some self exploration.

Would you recognize Taylor Swift on this cover if you didn't know it was her?


Images via Pacific Coast News, Wonderland

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