The Best and Worst of Winter

siblings playing in the snowI have such great memories of winter as a kid. We’d spend hours outdoors -- ice skating, making snow angels, and having snowball fights. But these days people seem to hibernate more and venture out less. And that’s a shame because there’s a whole lot of winter fun to be had.

Even when the cold winds are blowing and the snow starts falling, our family finds fun things to do together outdoors. We just put on our hats, boots, and lotion and head out to brave the elements! I’ve learned it’s not enough to just be warm -- you also have to protect your skin. Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Advance Repair is my go-to lotion because it not only moisturizes but is clinically proven to heal dry skin in just five days.


Take a look at this special Mad Life episode and see how everyone’s favorite trio, Andrew, Joanie, and Chuck, cope with winter weather. They’ll show you how to get through the cold with winter tips, activities, and must-have products (all carried at Target!) like their light-weight shovel, perfect sled, and, of course, Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Advance Repair to take care of that dry and damaged skin that inevitably comes with cold winter winds.

As for our family, we know that you don’t have to be a skier or skater to enjoy this special season. One of our favorite activities is the Winter Treasure Hunt. You can adapt this game to the age of your kids -- either using clues or maps or just directing them from spot to spot. We “hide” all kinds of things around the neighborhood and the kids have a ball unearthing treasures. You can use all different kinds of snacks and toys and even heart-shaped paper with an “I love you!” written on it. Just make sure that whatever you use can withstand the cold and can be sealed in a plastic bag. As the kids run around for their treasures, they not only get exercise but warm themselves up.

Even shoveling snow is an opportunity for fun. Everyone does what they are capable of, whether it’s productive or not. The important thing is that everyone feels like they are doing their part. And once the driveway and sidewalks are clear, but not a minute before, we have a friendly snowball fight.

Afterwards, we come in, rosy-cheeked and ready for hot chocolate. The kids love it and I do, too, especially now that I’ve discovered a way to protect my skin. 

Because when your skin is happy and healthy, you can have a whole lot more fun with your family inside or out, no matter how wicked the winter weather!

What’s your favorite family winter activity?

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