Jennifer Lawrence's Shocking Nip Slip Practically Left Her Topless (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrence mockingjay premiereWardrobe malfunctions are going to happen. Every female celeb has to accept that. It's all about what you do with them. So you have to admire how Jennifer Lawrence handled her near-nip slip after a Mockingjay premiere party in London -- especially after that awful nude photo leak! She could have thought, Urgh, this again?!? and felt demoralized and overexposed ... once more. But instead, she was super Zen about it.


JLaw was wearing an extremely low-cut Mugler halter dress in a cramped car when some leering photographers spotted her and snapped away. Check out Lorde sitting next to Lawrence. It's like you can hear her saying, "Hon, your boobs are completely falling out of your dress." Or maybe she's just admiring them and thinking, Eeeexcellent ...

jennifer lawrence wardrobe malfunction

In later photos, Lawrence is laughing. Was it an "oops" laugh or was she giggling over something Lorde said? Who knows? But she also did at some point clamp her hands protectively over her dress. The car drove off and the JLaw Wardrobe Malfunction of 2014 was over already.

Honestly, every time I hear about a wardrobe malfunction happening at a movie premiere, I think, OH MY GOLLY, WHAT A COINKADINK! You know? But since this is JLaw, I'd like to think she's above that and is just discovering what happens when you sit in a crowded car while wearing a gaping halter dress in the presence of photographers who are unafraid to exploit a compromising angle.

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So what did we learn? Always sit up straight in a low-cut halter dress so as to prevent any gaping. Do wear some nude-colored pasties (as JLaw did) if you want to preserve the privacy of your nipples. Sit next to Lorde, because she does not judge. And above all else, be comfortable enough with your body that you can recover and laugh it off if your boobs do happen to escape your dress. NBD! It's just boobs. Move along.

How would you feel if this happened to you and you were photographed?


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