Behati Prinsloo's Wedding Ring Tattoo Shows What She Loves More Than Adam Levine

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We love the idea of a wedding ring tattoo -- like Beyonce's Roman numerals IV. Nothing says "in it for life" like a band that's permanently inked on your body, right? And there are so many creative ways to do it, too. But we just spotted something that goes beyond the ring tattoo. You have to see Victoria's Secret model (and wife of Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine) Behati Prinsloo's ring finger tattoo. It's unlike anything we've ever seen before, and it's about so much more than just her relationship with Levine.


Prinsloo showed off her tat to Yahoo just after a Victoria's Secret fitting, for which she'd removed her "real" rings to protect them. But her inked finger looks completely different from what we expected. First of all, the tattoo is near the end of her finger rather than wrapped around the base. And the shape is different, too. "I wanted a ring," Prinsloo told Yahoo, "but everyone does the ring, so I did three dots."

Three dots?!? What the heck does that mean? "It means being one with the Earth," Prinsloo explained. "I just wanted it on my ring finger so when I take it off, it's still there!"

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Check out the tattoo via Prinsloo's Instagram. (By the way -- this is not Levine's hand. It's the hand of a friend. Our best guess is that Prinsloo is crediting him with the idea, or maybe he's the tattoo artist.)

Cherry witch fingers...... @rootbruised

Ein von Behati Prinsloo (@behatiprinsloo) gepostetes Foto on

That's pretty subtle, right? It's like a secret code only she and her husband know ... er, except I guess now the secret's out. Still, I love how minimal it is.

And I'm intrigued that her wedding "ring" would symbolize not just her union with her husband, but her union with the Earth. Because we're all one? Is her bond with her husband rooted in the Earth? We don't know, but whatever it means to her, it's deep.

What do you think of Behati Prinsloo's wedding ring tattoo?


Image via Yahoo

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