Mary-Kate Olsen Steps Out Looking Completely Different Than Twin Ashley (PHOTO)

mary kate ashley olsenRemember back in the day when the Olsen twins were so gosh darn cute on Full House? Sadly now, two decades later, there's just one question regarding the two of them on everyone's minds: Is there something going on with Mary-Kate Olsen's face? There isn't as much of a difference to unleash the craziness that Renee Zellweger had to endure when she made a recent public appearance, but still, the subtleties are there and hard to ignore.

It's also tough not to notice the differences when Mary-Kate and Ashley are standing right next to each other. The Elizabeth and James designers made a rare public appearance at the 2014 World of Children Awards in New York City on Thursday, November 6. Mary-Kate, 28, engaged to 45-year-old Olivier Sarkozy, looked quite a bit different than her twin when they posed for the cameras, don't you think?


mary kate ashley olsen

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Now we don't want to break, like, the rules of feminism (Mean Girls, anyone?), but some speculation and observations about their appearance simply cannot be avoided. It seems that Mary-Kate's head is, well, bigger and wider than her sister's. Also, it looks like her face is made out of plaster and that she'd have a hard time making any kind of expression. Her eyes also appear to be smaller than Ashley's. In general she just looks, sad to say, a bit more manly than her twin sister. 

Perhaps it's the way their hair is styled that makes them look so different, but it's clear that Mary-Kate has had a little bit of work done. At least this is a way spectators can definitely tell the two apart.

Seeing them like this really makes you long for those adorable Michelle Tanner Full House days, doesn't it? What would Uncle Jesse say? Couldn't this all be resolved in five seconds with some dramatic violins playing wistfully in the background?

Seriously, though, it would be nice if we could see them smile with their teeth while out in public just once. Oh well. We can only hope that underneath those pursed lips, they truly are content with their now-adult lives and their (somewhat different) faces.

Do you think Mary-Kate looks really different than Ashley? What do you think happened?


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