Iggy Azalea Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at Boy's Bar Mitzvah (VIDEO)

iggy azalea performingLike many pop singers before her, Iggy Azalea appears to have recently taken a side gig performing at a Los Angeles bar mitzvah. Lucky guest of honor! Luckier perhaps now that his bar mitzvah isn't just the talk of his Hebrew school class, but the whole interwebs, thanks to a clip of Iggy shaking it, splitting her pants down the middle, and "flashing her crotch," during a performance of "Booty." (How ... apropos!)

Nonetheless, the wardrobe malfunction some are calling one of the Most Embarrassing of All Time is doesn't really seem befitting of such an uproar. But you be the judge.


No doubt bar mitzvah guests in the front row may have seen more than they bargained for, but at least judging from the video, what's the big deal? The buzz has been Iggy wasn't even wearing undies, but uh, who can tell?

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Is it just me, or haven't we seen so much more from other stars simply exiting their limos? Didn't Nicki Minaj put 100x this on the cover of her Anaconda single? Don't Sports Illustrated models flaunt more booty than this on the regular?

Although controversy and Iggy seem to go together like peas and carrots, not so sure this incident is as deserving of all the shock waves that have rattled the Internet since the story broke. We all may need to just simmah.

That said, Iggy would still probably do well to commission herself a pair of "fancy," higher-quality pants that can withstand all that bar mitzvah "Booty"-shaking!

What's your reaction to this wardrobe malfunction?


Image via Ronin 47/London Entertainment/Splash News

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