The $2 Million Bra From Victoria's Secret Has to Be Seen to Be Believed (PHOTO)

expensive braWhat is the most you would spend on a bra? $30? $100? Even $1,000? As someone with a sizeable chest, I have been known to spend my fair share on lingerie. But I haven't got anything on Victoria's Secret. This week they unveiled their fantasy bras, and these babies come in at a whopping $2 million. Each. Let that sink in for a moment.

You could have a yacht -- possibly two -- or a bra. And what makes it even more amazing is this: These are not even their most expensive bras to date.

So what does a $2 million bra look like? Well, see for yourself ...


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Here is the 2014 bra:

$2 million bra

The "most expensive bra ever" honor goes to the 2000 bra, which was a $15 million ruby- and diamond-encrusted design modeled by Gisele Bundchen. During the 2005 show, she wore a $12.5 million bra. Good lord. Kind of makes the $2 million one seem cheap, right?

This year's bras were made by Mouawad jewelers using 16,000 rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. They were strung together with 18-karat gold and took the designers more than 1,380 hours to make. That's a lot of manpower behind those cups.

The reason these bras are called "fantasy" bras is because more often than not, they are just that: fantasies. Who would possibly be willing to spend more than a few hundred dollars for even the fanciest underwear?

Even so, there is something exciting about these bras that come out every year. If you did buy one, it would be like the secret jewelry only you and your lover knew was there. That necklace that dips down between the breasts? It has NOTHING on this.

Would you ever buy a bra like this? Would your husband like it?


Images © and Victoria’s Secret

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