Creative Mom Makes Gorgeous Dress From 3,000 Skittles (PHOTO)

skittles dressAfter the excitement of Halloween has passed, many moms find themselves staring at plastic pumpkins overflowing with sweets -- not to mention oodles of candy wrappers littering the house! What if there were a way to put those treats to good use without consuming a single calorie? One clever mom took a popular candy and turned it into a stunning creation that'll definitely make you salivate.

Sarah Bryan, an incredibly creative British beautician-turned-dress-designer, spent six hours a day for an entire month crafting an exquisite (and colorful!) dress completely out of Skittles!

The woman behind the ravishing rainbow gown shared the story behind her sweet inspiration:

My idea came about when I saw my daughter playing in the garden with her pool balls that look like Skittles. Then I thought, 'I wonder if it's been done before?' so I did some research and it hasn't using only Skittles sweets so I thought that's it!


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skittle dressIn addition to the significant time investment, Bryan also needed 3,000 Skittles (that's 145 bags' worth, for anyone who's curious) and 90 tubes of glue to make her fabulous frock. And, in case you were wondering what kind of shoe you'd wear with this dress, Bryan even made a pair of shoes to match! Talk about going the extra mile!  

Even though this mom has made me feel woefully unimaginative (I was simply going to donate our excess Halloween haul), you can't help but be impressed with what she plans to do with the dress next.

After entering the one-of-a-kind gown in the Guinness World Records, Bryan is auctioning off her dazzling design and plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to lymphoma research in memory of her late foster mom. It doesn't get much sweeter than that! 

Does this dress inspire you to do more with your kids' Halloween candy? 

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